It's Been a Great First Day at Client Connection!

It’s been a great start to the Avionté’s 5th Annual Client Connection! Following a welcome speech from Avionté’s VP of Operations Laura Schmitz, attendees broke out into training sessions presented by Avionté staff about Avionté’s back office, portals, sourcing, and more.

The training sessions wrapped up at noon, and attendees enjoyed a catered meal at the Minneapolis Convention Center’s “Seasons” atrium. Following lunch, Avionté’s CEO John Long and Serent Capital’s Jon Cheek, Will Clemens, and Indu Kodukula gave an “Avionté Highlights” presentation to the packed room.

John Long started the presentation with a thank you to attendees.

“Thank you again for coming out,” Long said. “We fully understand that this is a partnership, and that you have a choice of where you want to go. Client Connection is all about how we can improve and help contribute to your business’ success.”

Then, John gave some insight into what’s been happening at Avionté since Client Connection 2013, and what’s on the pipeline for us. John announced Avionté’s newest product initiative, “Aero”, a browser-based, mobile-friendly front office solution designed around Professional, IT and Direct Hire practices, and Serent Capital’s team each spoke briefly about their partnership and involvement with Avionté.

Indu Kodukula, a board member at Serent Capital, spoke to Avionté’s unique growth.

“What John and his team have accomplished,” Kodukula said. “That doesn’t happen more than about five percent of the time. So what John and the team has done is pretty remarkable.”

At the end of the presentation, John announced the Avionté Staffing PAC Contribution Credit Program, an initiative by Avionté to encourage donations to the American Staffing Association (ASA).

“We are very excited to announce the Avionté StaffingPAC Contribution Credit Program,” Long said. “So here’s what I’m going to do. You received a StaffingPAC earlier today, with a link to a website where you can contribute if you’re so inclined. Dollar-for-dollar, everything you contribute this week to StaffingPAC, I’m going to take off of your September invoice, up to $1,500.”

“Are you going to sit back and say, ‘someone else will take care of it’,” Long said. “Or are you going to provide them with some funds, and with some ability to make a change in the industry?”

Avionte CEO John Long speaks to a packed room at the Minneapolis Convention Center during Client Connection 2014.

The general session wrapped up, and everyone gathered together for a group photo before heading into round table sessions for the afternoon. After a jam-packed day of presentations, trainings and networking, we’re excited to gather together with everyone tonight at The Union Rooftop in Minneapolis for drinks and some fun!

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