Hot Recruiting Topics to Blog About to Boost Your Placements

Blogging is one of the key components of any recruitment marketing plan. It helps drives traffic to your website (SEO), gives your firm some serious street cred and ultimately, boosts placements. 

Consider this scenario: 

Aiden is contemplating leaving his job as a software engineer but before he applies anywhere, he needs to spruce up his resume. He Googles, “Top Tips for Updating Your Resume” and clicks on one of the first links that leads to a blog post from ABC Staffing. 

He reads the blog having a better understanding of what he needs to do in terms of updating his resume. Before he leaves the blog post, he notices a call to action button that says, “See current job openings” and clicks the link. It takes him to ABC Staffing’s job board where Aiden discovers many positions that he’s interested in. After beefing up his resume, he applies for a few jobs at ABC Staffing. 

In this scenario, that one blog post that ABC Staffing published brought Aiden to their website, established credibility/trust and eventually drove his decision to apply.  

The key to blogging is brainstorming what topics or search queries candidates are actively searching for and then making helpful content to answer their questions.  

Listed below are four real examples of hot recruiting topics to blog about.  

Bonus: We also included five pro blogging tips to help your blog grow.  

  1. Topic: Cover Letters 

Cover letters are consistently a pain point for candidates. When is it appropriate to attach a cover letter? How long should it be? What should I include? Questions like these are constantly being searched for in Google. Give your firm an opportunity to answer these questions with meaningful content.  

Sample blog topics 

  • How long should my cover letter be? 
  • Examples of amazing cover letters 
  • What recruiters look for in cover letter 

Real life example: 

  1. Topic: Temp positions vs permanent positions

This topic is often at the top of many job seekers minds yet it’s one of the most misunderstood subjects, especially around the pros and cons of each.  

Sample blog topics: 

  • Pros & cons of temp jobs vs permanent jobs 
  • Advantages of temporary employment 
  • When to accept a temp job 

Real life example: Should you Accept a Temp Job When You’re Seeking Permanent Placement?   

  1. Topic: What employers look for in candidates

Before any interview, a vast majority of candidates will feel some sort of anxiety. What do people do in 2019 when they have anxiety about something? They search the internet of course for answers! 

Sample blog topics 

  • 10 musts dos during a job interview 
  • What employers like to see in candidates 
  • 6 ways to separate yourself from other job candidates 

Real life example: Top 7 Qualities Employers are Looking for in Candidates  

  1. Topic: Why working with a recruiter is a great idea

Believe it or not, there are many misconceptions around the role of a recruiter. Explain to readers why a recruiter can be so helpful in a job search and take it from there. 

Sample blog topics: 

  • Tips on working with a recruiter 
  • Why leveraging a staffing firm can help land the job of your dreams 
  • 5 reasons why you should look to a recruiter for your next job 

Real life example: Consider Working with a Recruiter to Find Your Next Job   

Pro tips 

As a bonus for reading this far, here are a few additional ideas to take your blogging to the next level. 

  1. Video blogging (Vlogging)

Not a good writer? Don’t have time to write out a full blog post? Try taking a video of yourself addressing any topic of your choosing. The video doesn’t have to be fancy, a smartphone camera should do the trick. Additionally, you could make bite-sized videos (3 minutes or less) on a trending topic and then share across your social network. After all, social media is in a way, a blog platform. 

  1. FAQs 

Start by interviewing recruiters, job seekers and any other relevant staffing professionals and ask them to compile a list of all the frequently asked questions they get from job applicants/candidates. After you have your list, put together a blog that addresses each of them. This list should give you tons of topics to blog about in the future. Each FAQ could merit its own blog post. 

  1. Testimonial blog 

Out of all the people your firm has placed, there’s bound to be a number of employees who are ecstatic about your firm. Contact these individuals and ask if they’d be willing to share their positive feedback. Once you have their testimonials, use it to construct a blog. Be very strategic with your questions, here are a few to get you started.  

  • Why did you go looking for a recruiter? 
  • What was your experience like working for (YOUR FIRM)? 
  • Would you recommend (YOUR FIRM) to a friend? If so, why? 

Additionally, if you search through 3rd party reviews from Facebook, Google or Yelp – those positive reviews can help your recruitment marketing efforts immensely. If you think about it, they’re essentially testimonials you can use. 

Avionte Review Testimonials 

  1. Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words. Adding pictures, graphics, videos or any other digital media to your blog post can dramatically help keep readers engaged on your blog. Having a block of text without many page breaks or images is dull and can detract readers (even if your blog post is amazing). 

  1. Keep keywords in mind 

A big part of a successful SEO strategy is identifying which keywords your firm wants to rank for and then strategically placing those keywords throughout your blog content. If you need some help in determining what keywords to target, check out this comprehensive guide from Moz. It’s a long read but gives a great overview of SEO in general.   

Hopefully, these hot recruiting topics and tips can help boost your blog strategy. If you need more help with your marketing strategy in general, check out our blog post on “6 Free Tools to Help with Your Recruitment Marketing” for some practical advice.

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