Increase Recruiter Productivity and Streamline Your Onboarding with In-App Notifications

Make decisions faster, improve recruiter productivity and keep up-to-date with your entire onboarding process with Avionté’s new In-App Notifications on the Onboarding Platform.

One of the biggest challenges faced by recruiters today, aside from finding the right talent, is getting talent onboarded quickly and efficiently. There are many obstacles to a smooth onboarding process, from all the documents needed to a number of other onboarding requests needed to ensure you’re placing the right person in the right role. Whether you need talent to complete a Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) survey or answer additional interview questions, it can be time consuming and a hassle with all the back and forth.

Additionally, studies report that top candidates are only available for 10 days before getting hired. That means time is limited when you get a great candidate in your database, and there is no time to waste! We know it can be hard to bridge the gap between recruiters and talent, which is why we are thrilled to announce our new In-App Notifications as a part of our Onboarding Platform. To ensure a smooth, seamless onboarding process, Avionté In-App Notifications give recruiters crucial insight to the progression of onboarding each person all the way from applicant to revenue-generating employee. Along with our full Paperless Mobile Onboarding solution, In-App Notifications are another way to keep your business running more efficiently to ensure you remain competitive in today’s market.

Increase Productivity and Reduce Time to Fill

With In-App Notifications on the Onboarding Platform, recruiters can expect to increase productivity, engage with talent more frequently and reduce time to fill. By having powerful insights into their candidates’ activities, from applying to a job to completing Talent Tasks, you will have a high-level and actionable list right at your fingertips. In-App Notification types include:

  • Completed Applications – When talent completes an application for a specific Job Posting or general company Application Workflow
  • Talent Tasks – Completed Talent Tasks, overdue Talent Tasks and Talent Tasks requiring a recruiter to take action (for example, when the recruiter needs to sign an e-signature document first)
  • Talent Profile Updates – Anytime a talent updates information, such as her/his phone number, direct deposit information, etc. on her/his Talent Profile via the Talent Module

Configure Per User for a More Personalized Experience

Get the information you want and need to be successful in your role. The Onboarding Platform In-App Notifications are set up on a per user basis – giving you insight to your workload when you sign in. Simply check the box for the updates you want to receive or uncheck the box to opt-out. In-App Notifications are configured to alert you based off your personal workflows, empowering you to be more efficient. You can choose to receive updates on talent you entered manually or have record ownership of, talent that applies via an Application Workflow or Job Posting you’ve added yourself to or talent you send onboarding requests to. All of this keeps you and your teams running smoothly!

Want to learn more about how Avionté’s Paperless Mobile Onboarding solution can help you attract and retain top talent? Then request a demo to learn more!

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