Increasing the Efficiency at Your Staffing Firm

Do you know what is negatively impacting productivity at your company?

In an article written by VP of Operations at Avionté Laura Schmitz, Laura advises company leaders to move on to paperless processes to increase productivity, improve customer service and hold your workforce accountable. But going paperless is just one of many things you could do to increase the efficiency of your staffing firm.

There are opportunities to increase efficiency at every company.

Below are four suggestions to consider when working through process improvement in your organization:

  1. Train right. Have a proper training program in place. Doing so ensures your entire team is on the same page and working towards the same company goals. A good training program also limits the possibility of mistakes made down the line, which can significantly hinder productivity. Provide continuous opportunities for additional training, and have a plan in place to monitor and track how your training program is affecting employee performance.
  2. Centralize documentation. Have documentation available – training guides, company best practices, etc. – and make those documents easily accessible by placing them in a centralized location, like your company’s intranet or web application platform. Explore software options that can help you reduce unnecessary steps when collecting employee information or signatures. Avionté Staffing Software houses key new hire paperwork in an applicant portal, which can be edited and signed electronically, saving employers time.
  3. Listen to your employees. Ask your employees if they feel there are processes at your firm that are slowing their productivity, and how they feel those processes could be improved. Be approachable. Show your employees that you’re open to their ideas by recognizing and rewarding them when their great ideas lead to great results.
  4. Embrace technology. Today, there are copious amounts of technology tools and software solutions available that can help your team automate manual processes and increase productivity. Embracing technology that could benefit your business is essential to keep up in today’s world. Determine what might be holding your team back, and evaluate what tools and solutions are out there that could help you solve current company hindrances.

Every staffing firm is different, and increasing your company’s overall efficiency starts with evaluating your current processes as a whole, and determining where there may be room for improvement. And with the proper training program in place, the right technology, organization and a little conversation, you will be well on your way.

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