Nepal Fundraising Campaign: A Thank You From the Team

It’s been a month since we wrapped up our Nepal fundraising campaign and we’re excited about the amount of impact it has already been able to make in Nepal.

We were able to send nearly $20,000 over to Nepal thanks to the generosity we received during the campaign, and a few additional donations thrown in from clients and from the Avionte Hope U.S. team!

The money has already gone a long way in helping to build shelters in preparation for the Monsoon season. By working with Project Hope 2015, the AHF Nepal team has been able to help build nearly 150 shelters in central Nepal! We’re told a typical shelter costs between 135 and 150 USD’s to build. This is huge for the thousands of people who are living right now without adequate shelter.

The Nepal team sent us a powerful video to let us know how the money is being used, and to thank everyone who gave. Watch it here:

Read more about the results of the Avionte Hope Foundation – Nepal Fundraising Campaign here.

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