Our Client Crush for June 2015: William and Perla from TruTeal!

When it comes to being a great client of Avionté, there are some key characteristics that our clients possess. They’re great at communicating their needs and at providing constructive feedback, so we can do our jobs as best as possible. They set realistic deadlines, and are flexible and understanding as we work through their requests. And just like us, they’re passionate about the work they do.

Our Client Crushes are nominated by our employees. This month’s Client Crush nomination goes to William and Perla from TruTeal!

About TruTeal:

TruTeal Staffing & HR Solutions is a family-owned staffing firm that focuses on small to medium sized businesses. TruTeal prides themselves in working alongside their customers, to provide them with the human capital they need in order to grow their business.

TruTeal strives to provide quality candidates, and they see their customers as family. Their motto is, “we focus on your human capital so you can focus on growing your business”.

About William and Perla:

William has been working in the staffing industry for over seven years. After working for a large company, he decided he wanted to start his own staffing business, with a smaller, more customer-centered approach. Thus, they opened TruTeal. While both William and Perla run the office, Perla’s focus is on their day-to-day operations, while William’s is on sales and marketing.

Why they’re crushworthy:

“Working with William and Perla has been a real pleasure. They are incredibly genuine, and are always upbeat and positive. After my last call with them, I was walking around the support area expressing how they are just the nicest people and are forever patient when we assist with a longer than average payroll issue. I was matched by at least five other support reps that agreed immediately! No matter the time spent or the outcome, they are so appreciative and gracious! They are a great addition to the Avionté family!” – Frank Maribelli, Avionté Support

“William and Perla are fantastic to work with, and always positive, upbeat and eager to learn all the ways Avionté can benefit their growing business.” – Carrie Jilek, Avionté Customer Experience

“William is always so calm and patient, even when he has a big issue to discuss. And he has a great sense of humor!” – Becky Fox, Avionté Customer Experience

Congratulations, William and Perla, and thank you for all that you do!

About the Client Crush blog series:

ClientCrushHeartSizedWe truly feel like we have THE BEST clients out there and the people we work with everyday are what make our roles at Avionté so rewarding. We wanted to come up with a way to show our clients just how much we appreciate their friendly attitude and the support they’ve given us.

That’s where the Client Crush blog series comes in.

The Client Crush blog series was created to show thanks to Avionté’s Staffing Software clients.

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