Planned Implementation: Why Your Staffing Firm Is Falling Short

As a staffing firm, we know you are always on the looking for products or services that will allow you to work better, faster and cheaper. But investing in new technology is just the first step.

Implementing new technology can be a boon for your business. But new software, or another system you may employ to streamline your business, is only as good as the data that is entered and the people who use it.

Oftentimes, the most time-intensive part of adopting anything new at the workplace is training your team to use it most beneficially.

At Avionté, we recently rolled out a new ticketing system and staffing software support center. Training our employees on how to use the new platform took some time, but the impact we have seen so far has been great!

We know staffing software. We know how to implement and we know how to configure the system to best meet our client’s requirements. But our clients are the experts when it comes to their business. The fact is: you know your data best, and you need to know how to use it to best serve your business.

Here are a few ideas to maximize your ROI when transitioning onto new technology:

Enlist an ally. As much as many resist change, there are always a few who are willing and eager to take on the next innovation. Ask one of the early adopters at your company to be a point person during implementation. Their enthusiasm is bound to rub off on some of the other employees, and if they enjoy early success with the new technology, others may follow with less reluctance.

Train, then train some more. Make sure your employees understand everything the new system has to offer and how it will make their jobs easier in the long run. Train across platforms since people learn in many different ways. And acknowledge that it may be slow going at first. Give your employees the proper resources to ask questions, and offer follow-up training sessions to ensure everyone is on track and using the system to its full capacity.

Remove redundancies. People will naturally return to their comfort zones unless the old is no longer available to them. Once the system has been implemented and the team has been fully trained, remove any old programs that may be in place. Make sure you give plenty of warning and a specific cut-off date.

Work closely with your vendor. Your provider should have an extensive training program and extensive resources available to your team. Take advantage of all training programs and resources, and don’t hesitate to call your provider with any questions that may arise. They want to see you succeed.

At Avionté, we pride ourselves on not just providing solutions for staffing firms, but also working closely with them during implementation and beyond. If you are considering a program to help you streamline the administrative details of managing your staffing business, contact us. We’ll be happy to discuss your challenges and how we can help resolve them.


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