Why Your Staffing Firm Needs to Rethink Talent Acquisition

Right now, the balance has shifted and employers must compete for talent. Shift your perspective from what you want to what candidates want. Consider, of course, your client requirements, but think deeper.

How can you attract the kind of talent that will excel in the roles your clients expect you to fill?

Reconsider the job description.

Traditional job postings are boring, boring, boring. Most are either a list of the most basic skills and tasks or an unrealistic description of a perfect candidate (one who can’t possibly exist or who would be interested in that job). To attract top talent, get ready to put on your marketing hat. Step into the shoes of your ideal candidate. What would they want to know? What kind of challenges are they looking for? Use powerful language, bulleted lists and bolded subheads to make your posting easy to read.

Get engaged online.

Social media is your chance to be real with people. Don’t just post standard press releases or get mired in corporate speak. Talk to people. Respond to questions and comments using the tone and language you would with a friend. Share pictures or comments from people in your firm. This will help prospective candidates know what it will be like to work with you and encourage them to trust you with their search.

Focus on user experience.

Post testimonials from your in-house staff, temporaries or happily placed professionals. Encourage employees to get involved. They can share open positions or what they like about working with you. Focus on what will attract and retain the best people. Make your website easy to use and jobs easy to search for online.

Start a conversation.

Get people interested before you need them. Publish blogs or helpful articles that establish you as a knowledgeable source and resource for professionals who may not be ready to look for a job yet. When they are ready, they will turn to you first. Set yourself apart from your competition by focusing on what you can give, not just what you can get.

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