Does Your ATS Meet Your Needs? Why (and How) to Audit Your Needs

The right applicant tracking system (ATS) should make your job easier. It can streamline operations, improve follow-up and prevent important tasks from falling through the cracks.

But most importantly, the right ATS will help you to identify great candidates. An ATS that does not suit your business can become more of a burden than an asset to you and your staff.

Here are a few factors to consider:

Does your ATS mesh with your process?

You shouldn’t have to reinvent your entire way of doing business to accommodate your ATS. It’s supposed to be a tool to help you operate more efficiently. Why invest in a technology that doesn’t really fit the way you do business?

Is it easy to learn?

You should be able to quickly get new people up to speed on your ATS without spending an excessive amount of time on training. Look for a user-friendly system that allows your team to adopt it with as little resistance as possible.

Are you well supported?

Look for an ATS provider with a good tech support program and a great customer service record. There should be a solid training program and seamless upgrades offered. Beware of ATS providers with a reputation for disappearing once the sale is made.

Is it scalable?

The system should grow with your business. It should be nimble enough to work with your current firm and have the ability to grow with you as your company does. Are you working with an ATS provider that’s looking towards the future?

Does it have features you don’t need?

Today’s applicant tracking systems can do virtually anything, but why pay for features you don’t use? The ideal system will do just what you need and allow you to add in plenty of additional options and integrations as your firm grows.

Does it make your job easier?

Everyone expects a learning curve with any new system or process, but once you are up to speed, your ATS should make you more efficient, streamlining the annoying details of the day and allowing you to focus on your core tasks.

Whether you are re-evaluating your current ATS or considering adding an applicant tracking system to your business, take the time to analyze your firm’s needs and decide which system can best serve them.

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