10 Clients in 10 Days: Avionte's Implementation Team

Avionte’s Implementation team is finishing projects faster than ever.

Last month, our Implementation Team went live with 10 clients in 10 days: a total of 342 users overall, in just a two week period! We’re very proud of our Implementation Team, the processes they have in place, and what they’ve been able to accomplish as a team.

We know that, for many staffing firms, the idea of implementing new staffing software is more than a little intimidating. But we don’t want a fear of change to hold staffing firms back from choosing the best technology partner for their business’ needs. Because we know that implementing new staffing software takes work, we set out to ensure we have strict processes in place so that each new implementation goes as smoothly as possible.

Our Implementation Team works in three key stages. First, we gather our new client’s unique requirements to come up with an implementation plan that best suits their timelines and priorities. Then, we transition into the implementation stage, which includes installing, configuring and integrating up to nine web portal options and our third party integration options. And in phase three, we spend a great deal of time testing – as much as it takes, so that our clients can walk away feeling ready to use Avionté to its greatest potential.

This year, we’ve seen tremendous growth from our Implementation Team. We’ve quickened the implementation process, and created tools to improve efficiencies and streamline the overall process. And while some software provider’s implementations can take months to complete, at Avionte, we shoot for weeks.

Avionté’s Implementation Manager and Chief Revenue Officer Tim Giehll said Avionté’s passionate and talented team and the department’s improved processes is what has allowed Avionté to turn around projects faster than ever before.

“I am very proud of our Implementation Team,” Giehll said. “They look at all projects through the eyes of the clients, and really focus on creating a great customer experience.”

Now more efficient and more streamlined, Avionté’s implementations are moving faster than ever before, and we’re continuously enacting new processes and new technologies so that we can make it better. With our collaborative and larger-than-ever Customer Care and Support Teams, and a newly-formed Consulting Team, we aim to provide new Avionté clients a comfortable transition into the Avionté family, and a comfortable place to stay.

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