Prioritizing Redeployment: 5 Steps to Lower Your Average Cost to Fill a Job

As we continue to talk to staffing firms, we find one of the expenses they talk to us about the most is the cost of acquiring talent – from spending thousands of dollars every month to post on job boards to the cost of vetting and onboarding all the new talent each month. However, a topic that rarely gets talked about is the key to solving many of those costly concerns – redeployment. 

As a staffing agency, your talent database is one of your biggest assets. For many agencies, they have spent years building out that database, and yet every time they get a new job to fill, they go back out to the job boards to post and source for that job. The goal instead should be to redeploy the talent they already have in their ATS. 

If staffing agencies made redeployment a priority, there could be less reliance on job boards. By leveraging easy-to-use search functions within your ATS, you can access qualified candidates that you have likely already put to work in the past, have valuable data on, as well as experience working with. A focus on utilizing your existing database to redeploy the Talent you have already spent dollars on to hire can ultimately have a positive impact on your overall average cost to fill a job.     

We suggest an easy 5 step process review to ensure you are focusing your teams on redeployment first: 

  1. Create importance: Promote the value of redeployment to your teams versus externally searching. This can be done in a variety of ways from additional incentivizing, recognition, or simply training on the ease of redeployment versus a new talent search. 
  2. Searchability: Ensuring you have an ATS, like AviontéBOLD, that has easy and intuitive search functionality that extends itself well to all Talent whether they have a resume or not, allows recruiters to easily see and manage the talent that is already available in their database. 
  3. Auto matching: Make sure your ATS makes all your data accessible at every point of the journey, even during the job creation, as that will allow them to understand if they even need to think of searching outside of the system.
  4. Keep your ‘Most Placeable Talent’ warm: Not only regular communication with your most placeable talent but the ease of access to this group of talent within your database is critical to keeping them warm and engaged in working with your organizations. Using your ATS tools such as tearsheets, saved searches, and favorites lists to leverage text/email for communication, as well as tracking your activities, is very important to maintaining engagement. Additionally, leveraging third-party engagement tools to keep active communication going with those in your database is another great way to approach keeping your valuable talent warm.
  5. Automated activity tracking: Make sure every touchpoint with talent is being recorded, so that when your recruiters go back to talent in your database, they can quickly reference previous conversations or notes.

There is a multitude of ways to focus your teams on redeployment. AviontéBOLD is being designed using the latest technology to ensure you can make the most out of your data, increase efficiencies and lower costs. Redeployment is always on our minds and we would welcome the opportunity to talk to you more about how AviontéBOLD can help increase your redeployment efforts.

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