How to Recruit Candidates and Fill More Job Orders

Recruiting candidates and filling more jobs: it’s an issue that nearly every staffing firm faces, at some time or another.

Do you feel like you have plenty of job orders, but not enough great candidates to fill them?

Here are some smart strategies to make your life a little easier and keep your clients happy.

Follow these best practices to turn your team into a well-oiled machine ready to achieve your recruitment and sales goals.

Assemble your team. Building a talent pipeline is one of the smartest ideas to ensure you always have access to the people you need, when you need them. Your talent pipeline could be your staffing firm’s biggest asset. But are you keeping the best practices in mind to keep your pipeline full and your revenue steady? Be sure to keep up with the market and build up your network. Ask for referrals, stay in touch and leverage social media by sharing your insights. Top talent wants to associate themselves with the best firms. Show yourself to be a thought leader and an expert to gain their trust.

Focus on training. If you’re struggling with talent acquisition, it could be the current talent market or it could be your team needs more training. The best staffing firms build a team that combines veteran reps who bring a wealth of hands-on knowledge, with newer recruiters who are eager to learn. Assess what your current team’s strengths and weaknesses are and craft your training before moving into a more advanced curriculum. Be open to new ideas, but don’t dismiss something new before considering whether you might be able to improve your practice.

Get organized. Getting more done as a recruiting firm begins with putting the right structures in place. While busy times can ebb and flow, it’s safe to say working in staffing can get overwhelming. When the economy is strong, your phone nay ring off the hook, with employers desperate for qualified talent in a highly competitive talent market. To avoid getting overloaded, stay organized! Investigate systems that will keep your team on track and perform due diligence to ensure the program you choose will fit seamlessly into your current systems.

Harness the power of data. Want to take the guesswork out of recruiting? Data can increase the predictability of your results and ensure your resources are wisely allocated. Are you making the most of it? It can help you manage your candidate pipeline effectively, by seeing the full extent of your candidates’ experiences and skill sets, along with helping you hire and screen faster. With the right data process, you’ll be able to easily sort your candidate information, respond quickly and accurately, and narrow down the candidate field by providing data on those candidates worth a second look.

Help your team recruit better. You’ve no doubt assembled a great recruiting team. Why not give them the tools they need to make the most of their skills? No matter how successful your recruiters are, there is always room for improvement. Keep communication consistent and frequent. It prevents solid candidates from slipping through the cracks. Leverage technology, track metrics and allow for creativity. After all, the best ideas come from unexpected places. These are just some of the ways you can help your recruiters perform at their peak.

Improve your candidate pool. One of the most reliable sources of candidates is referrals from current employees or happy candidates you’ve worked with in the past. As staffing professional, there’s no doubt you welcome any opportunity to boost your business, especially if it keeps your costs down, too. Have you considered a candidate referral program? It’s a low- to no-cost solution that could product outstanding results. Keep your marketing costs down, reach passive candidates and improve your retention.

Leverage the latest technology. Your applicant tracking system provides a wealth of relevant data your recruiters can use to identify the right people for their current job openings. But newer recruiters may not know the full potential of the data at their fingertips. Make sure everyone is properly trained by choosing the right program, encouraging them to play with the system and keep training consistent over time. ATS training should not be a one-time event. Revisit training frequently to be sure that your staff understands and uses the system to its full potential.

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