8 Ways to Strengthen Your Firm’s SEO & Attract More Candidates

It seems a lot of people know a little bit about SEO.

While most people understand the importance of including words their target audience will search for, that’s usually just the beginning. A concentrated, strategic effort will produce much better results, which can provide a pipeline of interested and easy-to-convert sales leads.

Here are 8 ideas to make your SEO stronger and take your firm’s results to the next level.

1. Give the people what they want. Offer valuable content, not just a sales pitch. Visitors will stay longer, learn more and regard you as a resource. They will turn to you first when they are ready to conduct a job or talent search. Blogging is a great way to produce fresh content that employers and job seekers appreciate and strengthens your SEO impact. Don’t keyword-stuff! It’s annoying to readers and Google can detect it.

2. Gain backlinks. Once you have created all of this great content, share it! Push it out to social media – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. Share it with groups on LinkedIn or association sites like college, chamber of commerce or industry-specific sites. Providing solid information written in an engaging manner will drive people back to your site.

3. Look at analytics. See where people are coming from and when you are losing them. Adjust your keywords to attract more candidates and clients. If you have a high bounce rate, it could indicate your search terms are drawing people who will not be interested in your firm.

4. Don’t get hung up on rankings. Sure it’s great to rank high on Google, but it’s more important to attract the right people to your page. Check things like conversion rate and page views to get a better sense of your SEO’s success.

5. Think about keyword strings. For maximum impact, don’t focus on just individual keywords. You won’t rank highly for “staffing” with all the global competition out there, but you might rank for “clerical staffing in Boston” or “engineering jobs in Dallas-Fort Worth.”

6. Choose your job board carefully. Select a board that keeps people on your site, not one that sends them to another site. Don’t lose the traffic you’ve worked so hard to gain.

7. Optimize for mobile. This is especially critical if you hope to attract a lot of candidates. A high percentage of job seekers use mobile to search for jobs. A simple to use interface will keep them coming back to your site.

8. Work with professionals. SEO standards change every day. If you don’t have time to devote to keeping up with best practices and the latest innovations, consider working with experts in your niche who can manage your SEO for you.

About Avionté:

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