4 Outside-The-Box Ways to Attract Better Candidates

As much as staffing firms try to differentiate themselves, they all draw from essentially the same talent pool. It’s critical to narrow that large pool to the most select candidates and attract them to your organization. How can you find and attract better people?

Target Passive Candidates

The best candidates are usually already working –often found at your clients’ competitors. Your clients may not be able to target them directly, but you can. Immerse yourself in clients’ business and industry to deduce where top prospects are likely to be working.

Check Out Industry-Specific Message Boards

Keep your eyes open for talent on boards like GitHub for technology or CafePharma for pharmaceuticals. Target the people who are thoughtfully and expertly answering the questions to find your best prospects. People who frequent these sites probably live and breathe the industry – one of the factors that sets them above other candidates.

Become an In-Demand Agency

With a reputation in the community as the staffing firm people want to work with, you’ll attract plenty of people. Choose the ones who are best suited for your employer partners. Host networking events or open houses so potential employees can see what you have to offer. Dedicate yourself to being active on social media to share success stories and show yourself as a thought leader in your niche.

Make Your Job Descriptions Stand Out

When a candidate is looking for a job, chances are they are combing through dozens or even hundreds of job postings searching for the right opportunity. If your posting makes your job sound intriguing, your client company a great place to work, that candidate won’t hesitate to apply. Work with employers to craft attention-grabbing job posts.

Apply these four techniques to help you attract and hire top talent to work for you and your staffing clients. While some recruiting ideas are outside your comfort zone or what your firm is currently doing, trying something new could payoff long term.

About Avionte:

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