Attract Better Talent

Attract Better Talent

“The submitted application rate of a well-written job description is as much as 48% higher than the rate of the poorly-written job description.”

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A job description is your first impression to the talent pool, and the first step in engaging with prospective candidates, which is why it’s important to make your job descriptions compelling, engaging and meaningful to the details of the role. This may seem obvious, but all too many companies quickly put together job descriptions that turn applicants away, instead of attracting them in. Below are some of the most common reasons which cause applicants to abandon the application process.

What to Avoid

Lack of Detail – 64% of job seekers do not apply if there is a long list of vague requirements.


Unorganized Description – not having dedicated sections describing the position, daily requirements, desired qualifications, and company structure confuses candidates and distracts them from fully comprehending the wanted requirements.


Lengthy Application Process – if the application process takes longer than 90 seconds, the rate of candidates that bounce increases significantly. Work with your ATS vendor to streamline this process.

What to Employ

Sell the company, sell the opportunity, and cultivate interest for your top prospects. Through an organized, thought-out, and well-written portrayal tell the prospects what they will be doing every day and what is expected of them. Take for example professional growth: Is there a chance for me to grow within this role? If yes, tell me what I need to do so that I can advance within the company. Some key areas to focus your job story are:


Know your target candidate

Entice them with a catchy description

Brag about your company

Clearly communicate the responsibilities

– 70% of active candidates want to apply via mobile device, so make sure your application is process mobile accessible


Here are three great examples of job descriptions that are sure to get your open positions noticed.


Producing mundane job descriptions can have a very negative impact on your ability to attract the applicants you need. If they enjoy what they’re reading, they will get excited about the opportunity and will happily apply.

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