3 Ways to Attract and Capture More of the Right Talent

It isn’t new information, but it’s always true – the staffing and recruiting world is constantly changing. A lot of this is due to it being a candidate-led market. The way people search for jobs is changing. The expectations of job seekers are changing. The way you recruit is changing – and you can’t rely on just one way to capture talent. You need to have a multi-channel recruiting strategy to get the right candidates.

Here are three ways you can start to embrace a recruiting strategy that won’t only help you attract more talent, but will help you capture more of the right talent:

Create Optimized, Targeted Applications

Talent is on the go – and they need an application that is easy to complete and that they can complete on their terms. That’s why it’s important to make sure the user experience on a mobile device is ideal to reduce application abandonment. Create a concise application and then test it on a mobile device. Does your application make sense? Does the information fit on the screen, or do you have to scroll too much? Can you easily get to the next step? Testing your application on a variety of mobile devices (both Apple and Andriod devices) will help you optimize the application. If it is easy to follow and complete on a mobile device, then it should be easy on other devices as well.

Sometimes though, you need more information up front for specific industries and job roles. While keeping your application short, you should also optimize your application for specific job roles or lines of business. For example, if you are hiring for clerical positions, you might need to know how many words per minute (WPM) they can type because it is an instant qualifier for your customers. Or perhaps you are hiring in the creative space and need to have instant access to an applicant’s portfolio. Qualifying the right candidates is just as important as getting talent in the door, and with the right application, you are more likely to get the right talent. Not to mention, being able to ask questions related to a specific job role also helps make your staffing organization seem more credible. It helps show that you understand the position they are applying to and it can help you build trust with talent. All in all, it comes down to building a better candidate experience.

How do you do this? Well, it’s important you have the right tools in place. Your software should be flexible and help you build applications that make sense for your unique business needs. So ask yourself, are your application processes flexible? Can you edit as needed? Can you add qualifying questions? Can you reduce the length/complexity if needed? By having flexible application processes, you can be sure you are increasing not only the amount of talent, but getting the right talent through the door.

Did you know that Avionté allows you to configure your own Application Workflows with questionnaires, personal information and more? Our solution allows you to customize your applications to get the information you need from talent while also creating applications that are optimized for mobile.

Provide a Consistent Brand Experience Across all Channels

So now you know how to build trust with talent and provide a personalized experience with your application. But what about your brand? What experience is talent having when they interact with your brand?

Consistency across all channels – your social media, your website, your job boards and your applications – matters! There are so many places and touchpoints where your staffing organization is making an impression – so make sure it counts.

Go through all possible candidate journeys, thinking through how they find you and how they see your brand. Maybe they found one of your job postings by doing a search on Google. Maybe they saw a tweet with your latest job opening. Maybe they came directly to your website from a referral. See where this is going? The options are endless and you must manage your brand all the way through the candidate journey to provide a seamless experience.

Most importantly, this experience should be consistent on your job boards, postings and application. Is your software flexible to allow you to be consistent with branding? Are you building a credible reputation with talent by providing a great candidate experience every time? Are you making it easy for talent to know where they are? With so much competition out there, one of the best ways to differentiate yourself is with what you portray through your brand. And the key is consistency.

With Avionte’s new Job Boards released in 2017, one client saw a 219% increase in the number of applications coming through. You could see a similar increase! The Job Board and Talent Modules allow you to provide a targeted, consistent, branded experience all the way through the apply process – no matter how talent found you.

Enhance SEO on Your Job Postings

Search engine optimization (SEO) is probably nothing new as far as importance for your staffing agency. But just like the staffing and recruiting industry is always changing, so is SEO. That’s why it’s important to keep up to date with changes and ensure you are optimizing your job postings and following the latest SEO best practices. Organic search engine traffic can attract more talent and more of the right talent, providing valuable ROI for your organization.

Earlier this year, Google announced Google for Jobs, to easily connect job seekers with opportunities. With 77.43 percent of the search engine market share globally and more than 34 billion monthly searches in the U.S., Google is the search engine leader across the globe. As one of the biggest and most important changes to the search engine landscape, it’s vital your postings are showing up in the Google for Jobs search results.

Are your job postings showing up on Google for Jobs? If you post jobs on your website, you can edit the HTML of job postings and use the job posting structured data markup to directly integrate. If that sounds complicated, then it’s important that your ATS or job board provider has a solution to help.

Shortly after the Google for Jobs announcement, Avionté took advantage of the opportunity to directly integrate. By using job posting structured data markup and sitemaps, Avionté directly integrates with Google to ensure the best visibility for your job postings.

Want to learn how Avionté can help you capture more talent and qualify the best talent? Then watch our video, featuring our top three product features of 2017 – all related to improving the talent experience!

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