Serving our Healthcare Heroes with Advanced Staffing Software and Partner Integrations

The healthcare industry is experiencing a shortage of medical professionals needed to care for a growing number of patients. Nurses, already in short supply, are feeling the strain of managing an increasingly aging population who require more complex care. This leads to nurse burnout and a decline in the quality of critical patient care.

Yet these challenges also open doors to new opportunities for those leveraging the right staffing and recruiting software to create smoother hiring, onboarding, and credentialing processes for medical providers. After all, those who can provide the best and most efficient employment experience will outshine their competitors. 

Avionté is committed to delivering leading recruiter software to ensure streamlined experiences that accelerate healthcare agencies’ hiring processes. This, in turn, assists hospitals in boosting staff numbers, improving nurse-to-patient ratios, and enhancing RN working conditions. Our end-to-end applicant tracking system (ATS) software, AviontéBOLD, and mobile staffing solutions simplify the entire job placement process, from hiring and onboarding to credentialing, speeding placement while offering healthcare providers the flexibility to manage these steps effortlessly on their mobile devices.

Serving our Healthcare Heroes with Advanced Staffing Software and Partner Integrations

Additionally, Avionté offers deep integrations with best-in-breed third-party solutions through our Avionté+ open API platform to help our clients optimize their tech stack in ways that allow them to better meet employee and business demands. In our effort to provide excellent staffing software for healthcare, we’ve partnered with two essential organizations to help our healthcare clients streamline their operations, saving agencies both time and resources while improving their relationships with clients and employees.

How Yardstik and JobRobotix are Partnering with Avionté to Craft Superior Staffing Software for Healthcare

Yardstik: Revolutionizing Hiring with Seamless Verification

Yardstik revolutionizes the hiring process by eliminating uncertainty and risk in employee verification, ensuring candidates meet the highest standards of integrity and qualification. 

Recruiters can enter licensing information directly into AviontéBOLD, where Yardstik seamlessly confirms its validity. All verification results are then sent back into AviontéBOLD, removing the “swivel chair effect” that forces recruiters to navigate several platforms or manually input data into multiple systems, which can cause inefficiency and errors. 

Avionté and Yardstik

This streamlines the hiring process, saving time and enhancing the user experience, as Avionté customers can now efficiently manage hiring and workforce needs within an easy-to-use, unified platform.

“Clients have often reported that manual credential verification has been a bottleneck, taking days to place talent. In some cases, staff from accounting were pulled in for medical credential validation, with one client even needing to enlist their CFO for this task. That’s why we’ve introduced Yardstik for automated credential data validation. Yardstik ensures speed, accuracy, and the ability to handle surges in staffing requests effectively.”

~Scott Poeschl, VP, Avionté+

JobRobotix: Simplifying Vendor Management 

JobRobotix, with its expertise in VMS (Vendor Management System) integration and job syndication, paves the way for streamlined integration with existing VMSs. This innovative capability centralizes data from various clients into our AviontéBOLD system, delivering substantial time savings for recruiters.

In an environment where many major medical employers rely on VMSs to manage contingent labor costs, healthcare staffing agencies often find themselves navigating multiple VMSs to meet the diverse needs of their clients. JobRobotix eliminates this complexity — and the related challenges of handling multiple systems from various clients — by smoothly integrating with hundreds of VMS systems. With JobRobotix, all VMS information feeds necessary data into AviontéBOLD, compiling client and employee information all within one user-friendly platform.

This effortless integration with a diverse range of VMS platforms expedites processes, accelerates job postings, and enhances talent matching efficiency. The result is an enhanced hiring process that empowers recruiters to communicate and respond to employer demands with remarkable speed, in near real-time.

For healthcare staffing, having a comprehensive ATS solution like AviontéBOLD is essential. However, juggling multiple client VMSs can divert your recruiters from the ATS. JobRobotix offers an exciting solution by consolidating all your clients’ VMS job orders or requisitions into AviontéBOLD, allowing your recruiters to concentrate on efficiently filling them with great talent.

~Scott Poeschl

Charting the Path to Superior Staffing Software for Healthcare with Yardstik and JobRobotix

The healthcare industry’s challenges underscore the need to modernize employment practices through technology. Streamlined hiring, onboarding, and credentialing processes are the keys to success, enabling hospitals to improve staff retention, nurse-to-patient ratios, and working conditions for RNs.

Avionté’s strong commitment to providing superior staffing technology for healthcare is evident in our leading end-to-end ATS and mobile staffing software, which streamlines the entire employment experience. And our integrations with industry leaders like Yardstik and JobRobotix are driving us closer to our goal of crafting superior staffing solutions for our healthcare clients and heroes.

Interested in Learning More about these and other partnerships offered through our Avionté+ platform?

If you’re a current Avionté customer, please contact your Avionté account manager or directly contact Yardstik or JobRobotix for further information. You can also request a demo or visit the marketplace in your dashboard for more details.

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