5 Mistakes Staffing Firms Make With Their Sales and Marketing

When it comes to mistakes, some have immediate repercussions while others take longer for their effects to be felt. In the staffing industry, you might be able to get away with sales and marketing mistakes for a while when the economy is strong, but once the market gets tight, you’ll wish you paid more attention.

Here are a few common sales and marketing mistakes staffing firms make and how you can avoid them.

Not taking a strategic approach. The best marketing efforts are mindful and directed. Sending out a few postcards here and there or running promotions when things get slow can only go so far. You need to determine your long-range goals and develop a marketing strategy that will help you to reach them.

Focusing on the “we.” When talking to clients about your business and why they should work with you, it’s all too easy to focus on how good you are. You’ll talk up the number of candidates you have, how experienced your staff is, how many industries you know or services you provide. Place your attention instead on what their problems are and how you can solve them.

Being a generalist. It’s common to view the world as your market, but that’s a good way to lose business, credibility and focus. Instead, concentrate on specific regions or industries. And don’t mistake a one-off placement for a whole new market. If you typically place engineers in Anaheim and place an RN in Boston because your cousin knew someone, don’t go chasing that business at the cost of your bread and butter market.

Singular approach. Different types of marketing attract different people. Not to mention the increased power of reaching people through various marketing channels. Perhaps an email newsletter is effective, but what if that same person also saw your internet ads, postcards and billboards? It’s a great way to remain top of mind.

Marketing as a last resort. To paraphrase Glengarry, Glen Ross, always be marketing. Don’t wait until your sales are in a slump, the phone stops ringing and you’re contemplating layoffs. Maintain an ongoing marketing program and your pipeline will always be full.

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