Is Your Customer Service Cycle at a Dead Stop?

Staffing Customer Service

When you work in a service industry like staffing, service is obviously all you have to offer. But too many firms miss out on the many opportunities that present themselves to provide top-shelf customer service. Every time you come in contact with a client or candidate, it’s another opportunity to raise your customer’s perception of you and ideally gain referrals.

Let’s discuss a few times these opportunities arise.

Initial contact. There’s a reason the phrase “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” is so common. When you first pick up the phone or shake a client’s or candidate’s hand, you’re setting the tone for the entire business relationship. Don’t underestimate the importance of making them feel valued.

Recruitment/hiring process. Take the time to get to know what your clients and candidates are looking for. Don’t just try to make a close enough match and move on. Keep in touch throughout the process. Customers should never call you first because your process should be proactive. They should never wonder where they stand or what you are up to.

Placement or assignment. Whenever possible, introduce the candidate and client to each other in person. Whether that means meeting them at the interview or on the first day of work, your presence will start their relationship off on the right foot. They will each feel at ease and the onboarding process will be easier for all parties.

After the candidate is in place. Don’t just place a candidate and move on to the next assignment. This is just the beginning of the nurturing process. Check in with the candidate and client at the end of the first day, week and month.

Before they forget you. Keep checking in on a scheduled basis – at whatever frequency is reasonable in your industry. Perhaps monthly or quarterly will work for you. Set up a system so no customer falls through the cracks. Call to follow up, send surveys or reach out on social media. The key is to remain top-of-mind and handle small problems before they become large ones.

Whenever issues arise. Whether they reach out to you with concerns or post negative reviews online, use this as an opportunity to turn a detractor into an advocate. Every contact you have with a candidate or client is an opportunity to nurture the relationship.

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