2022 State of Staffing Benchmarking Report

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Since 2016, Staffing Hub has released an annual State of Staffing Benchmarking Report to provide meaningful insights into the staffing industry. This year’s report highlights shifting views towards technology among staffing firms, and the important role technology can play in a firm’s continued growth and success.  

Below are a few key highlights from the report. You can view the full report with the link at the bottom of the page. 

Staffing industry’s record growth not slowing down  

Staffing firms are predicting double-digit growth in 2022, with 8 out of 10 respondents stating their firms will grow this year. This follows a year of significant growth in 2021 for most survey respondents. In fact, the industry is seeing such significant growth that Staffing Hub had to change their definition for high-growth firm in this year’s report! 

High-growth staffing firms are using technology tools to engage with talent 

Finding and engaging talent continues to be the top challenge for staffing agencies. With the labor shortage, it’s no surprise that high-growth firms report using technology tools to attract and retain the best talent. Fifty-four percent of high-growth staffing firms are more likely to use a mobile talent app than slow-growth firms. Fast-growing firms also believe that technology tools give them a competitive advantage in the market, with almost 60% of staffing industry professionals stating technology provides a competitive advantage for their business. 

“54% of high-growth firms state they are likely to use a mobile talent app”

Avionté is an industry-leading staffing software solution

Survey respondents rated their applicant tracking system (ATS) as the most valuable staffing software solution for their firms, and Avionté was honored to make the top 3 list for Most Valuable Technology. 

One-third of agencies currently provide a mobile app for their talent. Avionté 24/7, when combined with our existing pool of WorkN customers, has a commanding lead over all other software vendors in the mobile talent marketplace. No other software vendor comes close to offering a comparable mobile experience for talent, and we expect to add additional modules to 24/7 by the end of 2022. 

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