Avionté 24/7

The Single Mobile Solution for All Things Talent

Engage and enable talent through every stage of their journey

Staffing software talent mobile application Staffing software talent mobile application Staffing software talent mobile application

Become the Employer of Choice

At a time when finding, engaging, and retaining talent is one of the most critical business imperatives, candidates have the power of choice. Avionté 24/7 empowers you to be that choice. With a highly agile mobile platform, you can now connect with talent in a wholly engaging way. It allows you to deliver the ultimate experience, making it easy for all of your talent to conduct everything they need to do for work, directly from their mobile device.

The End-to-End Powerhouse for Recruiters and Talent

Avionté 24/7 is a powerful, mobile enablement platform for staffing agencies focused on growth. It provides you with a single, standard mobile application that you can use to reliably attract, recruit, engage, and enable talent, from initial work application to same-day pay. It provides a smooth and seamless mobile experience that engages talent, boosts recruiter productivity, and drives more dollars to your bottom line, making you a stronger competitor and a more attractive employer. Connect Avionté 24/7 to AviontéBOLD for a fully integrated front- to back-office operating system that dynamically links the data and actions needed to optimize critical staffing functions.

A Smarter Way to Staff

Empower recruiters with tools for efficiency and empower your talent with a mobile app for simplicity. Creating a seamless flow between recruiter and talent, is the fastest way to dramatically boost gross profits per recruiter. Empower recruiters to deploy talent more effectively by standardizing the entire talent experience through a single mobile platform.

Fill more jobs, faster

increase talent show up rates

retain & redeploy talent quickly

reactivate dormant talent

boost recruiter productivity

reduce operating costs

Utilizing the mobile talent app, we were able to re-engage with talent already existing in our database, reaching 45% more candidates than we were with traditional recruiting methods.
Leisa Stallard, Director of Operations
The Reserves Network
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The Total Candidate Experience, From a Single Mobile App

Avionté 24/7 delivers all talent-facing interactions through a single mobile app. Mobile talent enablement reduces administrative burden while simultaneously providing the seamless, consumerized experience that modern talent expects. Avionté 24/7 connects all the elements of the process to benefit your talent, your team, and your clients.

quick and easy enrollment

Send a secure smartlink directly to the mobile phones of your talent to automatically download the app and sign them in. Increase adoption and create a better experience by eliminating the need to visit the app store or create a username and password.

Staffing software talent mobile application

Send the Best Fit Opportunities, Faster

Reach talent in seconds and fill jobs in minutes by leveraging the power of your existing talent database. Algorithmic matching instantly identifies high-probability fit based on skills, location, status, availability, and more. Sequentially distribute and alert talent of new job opportunities that are right for them.

Staffing software talent mobile application

Get Them Excited to Work

Notifying talent only when a job that fits their skills and schedule creates an experience that will keep them coming back. Talent can quickly review opportunities and express interest directly in the app.

Staffing software talent mobile application

Make Working Easy

Automatically notify talent when they’ve been placed and deliver everything they need for success. Talent can manage their schedule in real-time, review job details and requirements and view directions to job locations. Increase show-up and redeployment rates by putting control in the hands of your talent.

Staffing software talent mobile application

Deliver Peace of Mind With Payday Insights

Deliver mobile access to payday information the moment it’s processed. Talent can track everything from their regular paychecks to year-end tax forms on their phone.​ Pay is the most important and sensitive transaction associated with employment. If you make the process easy, accurate, and transparent, you can build trust and long-term loyalty with your talent.

Staffing software talent mobile application

Enrich Your Talent Experience

Deliver a more engaging experience that builds talent loyalty when you customize your 24/7 capabilities by adding individual modules that empower talent to take control of their work in multiple ways.

Staffing software talent mobile application


Find jobs fast, manage schedules, set reminders, review opportunities.

Staffing software talent mobile application


Track time and access pay and tax details at any time.

Staffing software talent mobile application


Upload and store vaccination and testing status to be job-ready at all times.