Staffing Industry Trends: Avionté Real Analytics Weekly 2021 – Week 4

2021 Staffing Industry Statistics: Week 4

We are back! We hope everyone had a great Holiday season, saying goodbye (riddance?) to 2020 and a good start to 2021.

As indicated before – this RAW data is designed to provide insight into how the industry is performing on a week over week basis. With the Holiday shortened weeks – and then only a few full weeks in January, we decided to skip the last several weeks. This week’s numbers are for week 4 of 2021, ending 1/24/21.  Since we really only have 3 weeks of full numbers so far, we will drop some of the graphs. As a reminder, we are doing a “same store sales” approach where we take our customers that were with us at the beginning of the period (year) and still with us at the end.  Then we aggregate the numbers to provide a good trendline.  Our aggregate numbers are quite large, representing every state and across multiple verticals.  We are over-represented by C/LI, but do have sizable numbers in other verticals.

In general, the start of the year has been mixed. Assignments and hours are up from week 2, but gross is down.  The internal staff numbers have risen each of the last two weeks by .7%. New talent (the number of people registering for employment) has stayed at a high level, even compared to Q4 last year.

This week’s staffing industry statistics: Week 4

Table of staffing industry data trends

With the reduction in gross, the average pay rate per hour dropped to $17.18.  However, this is significantly above what we had seen in 2020, where we averaged $16.60 post-pandemic.

For this week, we’ll just show the Year over Year graphs since 2018.  I know all of us are hoping for the 2021 line to start going above all the others.  I’m not expecting a GameStop (GME) type hockey stick (or down!), but I believe there is a significant chance for 2021 to be very good for our industry.

Staffing Industry Market Growth Trends

Staffing Industry Trend in Assignments and Hours Billed

About Avionté RAW Staffing Industry Statistics

For those new to the Avionté RAW staffing statistics series, the numbers reflected are based on an aggregation of hosted Avionté data from hundreds of staffing and recruiting companies across the US and Canada.

Written by, John Long, Avionté, Founder & Co-Chairman, and Natalie Flint

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