Do Your Recruiters Need Training? The Answer Is Yes

Even the best recruiters have room for improvement. The best way to support that improvement is to offer training. Recruiters are your front line. When they look good, you look good.

That’s why it’s critical to give your recruiters the tools they need to succeed and represent your firm well.

Here are a few more reasons why training your recruiters is important.

Technology. There is little point in adding to or improving technologies or systems if you don’t take the time to teach your recruiters to make full use of them. Frequently businesses invest in comprehensive technologies, but fail to adequately train the users. This results in recruiters who use a feature or two at most and fall back on legacy (inefficient) systems, getting less done.

Autonomy.  When your recruiting team is well trained, they are able to act without constant intercession and feedback; you’ll spend less time micromanaging and more time focused on your own goals. Give your team the resources they need to perform their jobs with confidence.

Retention. Training increases your team’s sense of engagement.  They know that you care enough about their success to invest in their success, which makes them less likely to seek greener pastures and consider taking a job with your competitors.

Compliance.  By training your recruiters on state and federal regulations that apply to the staffing and recruiting business you’ll reduce your risk of non-compliance. Train new employees and provide ongoing training as new developments occur to keep your team up-to-date.

Respect. Clients know when they are dealing with well-trained recruiters – and that’s what they want. They want to work with people who understand their business and their challenges and how best to address them. Credentialing can boost your credibility even further. Encourage recruiters to get whichever certifications will make the biggest impact on your business and reimburse them.

Training does not always have to be a structured, formal process. Conduct brainstorming sessions to improve processes. Encourage your recruiters to share their successes and best practices with the rest of the team.

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