Are Your Best Recruiters Looking to Leave?

When the economy was rocky and employment was down, many employees were happy to have a job – any job. But now that things have turned around, the ball is in their court and your strongest recruiters may wonder if there are better opportunities out there.

How can you tell if they are thinking about making a move?

Look for changes like these:


Watch for changes in how they dress for work or a sudden increase in long lunches, sick days or personal days with little notice. Are they leaving early or coming in late? Be aware of the top recruiter whose performance is sliding or who stops seeking new challenges.


Are they less friendly or social in the workplace? Avoiding your gaze? Have you noted an increase or even a decrease in the frequency with which they point out problems in the office? Look for signs that they have “checked out” and are no longer concerned with helping to improve the company.


Even if you are doing everything right for your employees, changes in their personal lives can result in a need to make career changes. Pay attention and talk to your employees on a human level. Look for ways to accommodate the changes they are facing and reduce their stress. Watch for major life events like marriage, divorce, a new home, a new baby, etc., that can really make someone rethink their career. Can they work from home? Choose more flexible hours?

If you want to hang onto your best recruiters, make it easier for them to stay.

How can you keep your best recruiters happily employed at your firm?

  • Keep them engaged. Ask how they would change their jobs to make them ideal.
  • Benchmark compensation. Make sure you are competitive.
  • Develop their skills. Offer or pay for training and education.
  • Provide growth opportunities. Work together to develop a long-range career path.

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