Practice What You Preach: How to Retain Your Recruiters through Your Company Culture

When recruiting is your business and your passion, you have a deep understanding of the importance of fit – matching candidates with organizations with a company culture where they can thrive.

But are you following your own best advice? Cultivate an environment throughout your staffing and recruiting agency that will attract and retain the best recruiters.

Consider These Best Practices:

Share your vision. Talk about your big picture goals with your team. It’s easier for them to work at those daily and weekly quotas when they understand what they are working toward. Every employee wants to see that what they do makes a difference.

Manage the environment. Design a work space that is conducive to the way you expect your recruiters to work. Give them enough space to spread out their materials and make calls without interruption or excessive noise. Create common areas and interview rooms spaces to be proud of. Clean, comfortable, well-lit rooms give candidates and clients confidence in your firm.

Hire right. Think twice about hiring that aggressive heavy hitter, or taking on a hard-to-please client, if it would damage the company culture. There is nothing wrong with shaking things up or encouraging a little healthy competition, but consider whether the impact will be positive or negative. Also, hire different kinds of people. Look for recruiters with different work styles and strengths. They will be talking to a lot of different types of clients and candidates.

Promote work/life balance. Take interest in your recruiters on a deep level. Allow some flexibility that makes it easier to manage their home life and their workload. This costs your firm little to nothing and improves employee engagement and retention.

Back them up. Show your recruiters they have your support. Engage with clients and candidates through social media. Foster a consistent brand. Invest in marketing that will attract the right people to your organization so that recruiters aren’t wasting their time.

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