10 Marketing Metrics to Monitor (and What to Do With Them)

For a staffing firm, marketing is important, but it can be expensive. It’s critical to determine what’s working for you and what’s not.

Monitor the following metrics if you want to be sure your marketing is reaching the right people and maximizing your bottom line.

Website visits. How many times are people actually making it to your site? Your message can only be transmitted to those who see it.

Unique visitors. You want a lot of visitors, yes, but unique visitors are more desirable than return viewers when you are interested in generating new business.

Bounce rate. Are people leaving your site as soon as they get there? That means they are not finding what they want. If you have a high bounce rate, you are either attracting the wrong people or the right people are coming and not finding what they need.

Search engine traffic. Where are people coming from and how many are reaching you via search? This can confirm the success of your optimization efforts or indicate what may need tweaking.

Page views. Compare to unique visitors to total page views for an indication of how much clicking around individual visitors do once they arrive on your site. It can validate that you are producing engaging content.

Conversions. This is your bread and butter and can help drive revenue – but only with the right calls to action. To boost conversion rate, create calls to action that visitors want to take and tie them to the behavior that you want to drive.

Channels. How are people finding you? This metric shows you where traffic is coming from. The main channels to assess are direct, referral, organic and social.

Once you’ve done the hard work of attracting candidates and clients to your firm, it’s up to your sales and recruiting team to convert them into sales. No doubt you already track total revenues and close ratios, but here are three other metrics to track.

Response time. Leads get cold fast. Create a sense of urgency in your firm to ensure that inquiries are responded to promptly. Slow response can equal a lost sale – wasting the time and money you put into your marketing efforts.

Time spent selling. What portion of each day does your team spend on actual revenue-driving activities? Analyze what else they are spending their time on (Research? Administration?) and look for ways to automate or otherwise offload those tasks.

Average sale. Take a look at the size of each deal that is closed. Is there a way to increase the dollar amount per sale? Are smaller sales producing a respectable ROI? Look at which salespeople are closing the larger deals and see if their success can be replicated.

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