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Your website. You know you’ve got to have one, but do you know what purpose it serves for your company? Is it just a billboard to advertise your business? A resource for clients and candidates who want to learn about staffing?

Effective staffing websites do three things – show your differentiators, build credibility and, most importantly, drive revenue.

Let’s concentrate on the third one – driving revenue.

A staffing website is not like an ecommerce site where you can click a button and make a purchase, but it can serve a similar function. By attracting top candidates and clients, your website will give you the resources you need to operate profitably.

How your website can attract top candidates:

Include a simple-to-use job board. Candidates visit your website to find jobs. So your job board is often the first page they will visit to see if you have positions posted that match their skills. They will look for both quality and quantity of jobs.

Make your site mobile-friendly. Job seekers frequently use smartphones to access staffing websites. In fact, in May 2014 – a survey from Glassdoor found that nine out of 10 job seekers planned to use mobile to search for jobs this year. You’ll reach more candidates on mobile, as more passive candidates are visiting sites on their breaks or after hours, even if they are not currently in the market for a new job.

Explain your hiring process. You’ve gotten their attention with your job board and your mobile site – now tell them what to do next. Show them how to apply online and explain the next steps in the process.

How your website can attract top clients:

Show them that you get it. Your website should demonstrate that you understand their pain points. Show them you have what it takes to resolve them.

Make your site easy to use. Make it clear how to contact you or request an employee. Include plenty of calls to action so that visitors can quickly jump to the pages they are most interested in.

Don’t be mysterious. Make it clear from the home page, and throughout your site, what niche you focus on, what geographical area you serve, and what kind of service they can expect.

Once you have candidates and clients on board, make it easy for your staff to operate efficiently. Integrate your job board with your ATS so that recruiters can screen candidates and sales people can reach out to interested employers.

About Avionté:

At Avionté, we provide solutions for staffing firms that help you to operate more effectively and keep your operational costs down. Our comprehensive staffing software delivers integrated software systems that make it easier to drive growth, maximize profitability and streamline your administrative tasks, so that you can focus on your serving your customers. To learn more about the many benefits of Avionté staffing software, contact us today.

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