Is Your Staffing Firm “One Click” Away From Being More Successful?

Competition is fierce for the best candidates. Being first to market with a new opportunity can give you a substantial edge over other firms. Software systems that allow you to quickly place jobs onto a variety of job boards with the click of a button can increase the breadth of candidates you reach and the level of service you can provide to your clients.

Why is one-click job posting important?

Access a variety of boards. It’s tough to resist the allure of large general job boards, but recruiters frequently have more success with industry-specific job boards. With one-click you can cover all your bases with no additional administration.

Improve operational efficiencies. Don’t repeat the same repetitive administrative tasks for each job board you use. Use the time you save on higher level, more productive functions.

Measure your success. Easily identify which job boards bring you the best results. Narrow your focus by targeting the boards that produce the best candidates in the shortest period of time.

Free up recruiter time. Recruiters are salespeople. The more time they spend on client and candidate facing activities and the less they spend on administrative tasks, the better they can drive revenue.

Edit postings just once. When a posting needs to be updated, one click posting allows you to make the change once. This is much more efficient than retrieving a posting from multiple boards and changing each one individually.

Centralize your Information. With one click job posting, you can easily track exactly where each job was posted and quickly compile and retrieve any responses or applications your posts generated.

It’s essential to post jobs on as many boards as possible for the greatest talent reach and chances for success, but decreasing administrative time and cost is the key to running a profitable staffing business.


About Avionte:

At Avionte, we provide solutions that allow you to increase the administrative efficiencies of your staffing firm to free resources that can help you to focus on growing your business. Avionte allows users to post their jobs, search resumes, and find the best talent for their business with leading integration partners in job boards and distribution, including Data Frenzy, CareerBuilder, Indeed, and SimplyHired.

To learn more about how using Avionte Software can increase your business success, contact us today.

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