The Path to Becoming a Confident Salesperson

People who aren’t in sales underestimate the difficulty of this profession. In no other field is overwhelming rejection part of your daily life. Just to make a living, you must overcome daily obstacles that would send most people under their bed covers for days. A major factor of sales success – and one of the toughest to acquire – is confidence.

Here are a few ideas to boost your confidence level and keep your career on track.

Develop a script. File this tip under fake it until you make it. If you take the time to plan out what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it, it can go a long way towards dealing with unpredictability. Write out what you want to say, in your own voice before a meeting or call. Write down what you want to get from the call and three possible objections. Once this becomes like second nature, you can throw away the script, but starting with a plan you can rely on can bolster your confidence until it becomes real.

Prepare to take a lot of hits. The only way to learn that failure won’t kill you is to fail. A lot. For a while it may seem the rejections are just stacking up with no sales in sight, but eventually you’ll reach a point where one person says yes and then another, and another. A career in sales is never rejection-free, but with experience, you’ll understand the noes aren’t personal and there are plenty of yeses to be had.

Do your homework. Nothing will give you more confidence than the assurance you know what you are talking about. Read up on your company’s products and policies and your prospects. As a staffing professional, it’s essential to know the pain points employers face. Become an expert on the industries you serve and the local market so you can approach potential clients as an expert or consultant.

Don’t fake it. There is nothing harder than trying to be something that you are not. If you have entered the staffing and recruitment field, you must really believe what you are doing. Are you confident that your firm can help businesses and job seekers reach their goals? Are you in the right field? The right firm? If you are just going through the motions, find a career or industry that suits you better.

Have fun. In what other job do you get to build relationships and help people succeed all while earning a decent income? Sales can be a fun profession. Why not let that come across in your interactions with your prospects. People will be eager to talk to you if they know they’ll get to share a laugh or two. Lighten up a little. You’ll enjoy your workday and have even more success.

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