What Technology Attracts the Best Candidates to Your Staffing Firm?

What’s the best way to attract top talent to your staffing firm? Make it easy for them! That starts with simple to use technology that works as well on mobile as it does on the desk top.

What do job seekers expect from their search experience?

Let’s take a look at some of the research.  

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), most job seekers abandon online applications at some point during the process. Why? Usually, the application is simply too long and involved. You’re asking a big commitment from candidates right up front.  

Think you’re weeding out the duds? Think again.

It’s frequently the most in-demand candidates who are unwilling to jump through hoops so early in the process. What’s your current abandon rate? It’s an important metric to measure.

So, how can you ensure a great user experience for candidates? Test it on your own.  Complete the entire process, from search through submission of application, on both desktop and mobile.

Where does it break down?

  • Do the pages take too long to load?
  • Do resumes upload correctly?
  • Are there simply too many questions?

Consider how you can remedy any issues. Can you simplify the application or make it shorter? Stick to what you really need to know to decide whether or not to interview the candidate. You can always get details and clarification later.

The importance of mobile

A recent study on smartphone usage among job seekers conducted by the Pew Research Center revealed the following:

  • 28% of Americans have used a smartphone during a job search.
  • 53% of 18-to-29 year olds have used a smart phone as part of a search for employment.
  • 50% of smartphone job seekers have used their phone to fill out an online job application.

Take a look at whether or not your current technology is attracting the best candidates and what you can do to improve your hiring results.

About Avionté:

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