The Avionte Hope Coin Wars Challenge

For this month’s fundraiser challenge through the Avionté Hope Foundation, we decided to organize a competition known as Coin Wars in the office. The competition took place last week and the winner was announced at noon on Friday. To say the Coin Wars competition was a success is a massive understatement!

Coin Wars Challenge

Here’s how it worked:

The object of the game was for each department to collect as many coins in their containers as possible throughout the challenge, while simultaneously sabotaging other departments. Coins add value to the container, while bills take away value. For example, one penny would add one cent to the total raised, while one dollar would take away 100 cents. So, one could argue that each department’s strategy would be to place as many coins as possible into their own container, while placing as many bills as possible into other department’s containers.


As the week progressed, we weren’t sure we’d raise much money. When Thursday afternoon hit, there were still only a handful of coins in each container, and a few dollar bills here and there. Little did we know, each department had a plan in the works and in the end, our employees raised a total of $1,292.17! The support team came out victorious, raising a total of $418! Because they won, the support team will be able to choose which charity they want to donate the funds to.

The Avionté Hope Foundation was created as a way for Avionté Software employees to become more involved in their local communities. We’re always looking for suggestions for ways we can help out. For more information about how you can become involved with the Avionté Hope Foundation, please contact us by email or by phone at 651-556-2121.

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