The Avionté’s Wild Game Auction: Let the Games Begin!

As a Minnesota-based staffing and recruiting software company, here at Avionté, we’re excited. Why? Because our beloved Minnesota Wild NHL team are in the playoffs, which means we are one step closer to winning this year’s Stanley Cup!

This season, we had tickets to 18 season games. The tickets were used for team outings, employee bonding events, and as rewards via our “kudos” program (we awarded the tickets to employees who were recognized by other employees for their hard work). And mid-season, we had our special “Wiggin Out With the Wild” event. Nearly 90 Avionté employees were at the event, complete with a pre-game stadium tour and Avionté happy hour event!

It’s safe to say it has been a fun season, and when it came time to divvying out the playoff tickets, we did some brainstorming. The result: why not leave the decision up to employees, and make it for a good cause? Hence, our “Avionté Wild Game Auction”. Here’s how it will work:

For the playoffs, we are auctioning off four season ticket holder seats per playoff game. The winning four bids will score the tickets and write a check to the Avionté Hope Foundation (AHF) for the dollar amount they bid. AHF will match the four winning bids up to three times the face value, and the four winners will each get to choose which 501c3 organization they want the money to go towards.

The first game in the Auction is next Monday, April 20th, and of course, we’re hoping for a win!

Let the games (Minnesota Wild and Avionté) begin!

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