CHANGE the way you pay

The only payroll card specifically designed for the staffing industry. Incentivize behavior that impacts the bottom line. Retain your best employees.

CHANGE card integrated with Avionté

CHANGE is coming to the staffing industry

CHANGE is the first payroll card that empowers your agency to incentivize the good behaviors that benefit your bottom line. In addition to getting paid, you can reward your most reliable employees with points for the good work they do.

  • Create stronger relationships and increase retention with your employees and the clients you serve.
  • Reward your best employees for positive behavior — clocking in on time, low absenteeism, satisfactory job performance, working accident free, referring other great talent, and more…

CHANGE card integrated with Avionté

Intelligent payroll from a provider you trust

With CHANGE, you get a payroll solution from a single partner you know and trust – a partner that processes over $10 billion in wages per year — all without error or delay.

And what’s more, no more administrative need to manage multiple vendor relationships. CHANGE is integrated into Avionté, the leading provider of end-to-end software for the staffing industry. Adding CHANGE to your new or existing employees is simple and fast. A few simple keystrokes and you’re done.

With CHANGE, your employees enjoy maximum flexibility and convenience.

Rewards for good work. In addition to getting paid, your most reliable employees can be rewarded with points for the good work they do.

The best of banking. The CHANGE card is more than just an efficient way to distribute wages. It is a modern, feature-rich banking solution designed to simplify and ease the lives of your employees. The mobile app allows users to deposit checks, load cash, make transfers, use ATMs, pay bills online, track account balances, and more.

Access to a better, more rewarding financial life. Employees keep more of their hard-earned money in their pocket where it belongs. No more paying 1-3% of the paycheck value to access their own money.

Time savings. No more time waiting in lines or cost of traveling to a retail location or bill-pay provider. No need to purchase a gift card or other prepaid card to make purchases online. With CHANGE, your employee’s money is deposited on time and accessible anytime, anywhere they need it.

CHANGE card integrated with Avionté

Want to retain the best employees? It’s time for CHANGE.