Avionté Offers ACA Compliance in One System

Got Staffing Law on the brain? Us too!

While the American Staffing Association’s Staffing Law Conference may be over, the topics covered – including the Affordable Care Act – will remain important for some time to come.

Have you thought about how you plan to handle ACA next year? Avionté’s recruiting and staffing software offerings can save you time AND money.

These are just some of the things you will get with your investment in the ACA reporting and tracking solutions available through Avionté Staffing Software:

Seamless Tracking. Reduce manual entry and ensure you stay on top of offers of coverage for your employees.

  • Track payroll and ACA, all from one place.
  • Track ACA eligibility through complicated breaks in service and rules of party logic.
  • Easily create accurate on-boarding records.
  • Use “alerts” to be notified of who is eligible for insurance.
  • Upload insurance enrollments and deductions with just a few clicks.

Configuration. We offer a highly configurable set up, so you can call the shots.

  • Complete 1095 setup at a company level, branch level, or even override on the employee.
  • Configure your unique ACA compliance plan in conjunction with your state’s unique rules.
  • Input plans offered and company information to automatically populate Avionté eDocs.
  • Mid-year plan changes? You determine the plan start month.
  • Determine the length of your measurement periods to align with your tracking requirements.

Year End Reporting. Stop stressing over year end. We are here to help you.

  • Print your 1095’s in-house, or use our Standard XML feed with your vendor of choice.
  • Send your census data directly to your insurance provider via our Standard ACA Census Report.
  • Easily send out any corrections needed to 1095’s using our Standard Report (coming soon!).

No more manual tracking on spreadsheets. We offer a seamless process for ACA compliance, in one system.

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