Intellio Capital Humain

Case Study

The Company

Intellio Capital Humain is committed to transparency and integrity for all whom they serve, and does everything in their power to ensure the success and satisfaction of clients. Their work is based on results, and clients can count on a professional and quality experience every step of the way.

The Challenge

Intellio’s previous system was good, but to keep up with their growth, they needed an applicant tracking system that truly understood a recruiting agency’s workflow. With their must-haves set, the team was looking for an ATS that was intuitive, offered strong reporting and search capabilities, and one that was web based as to accommodate employees when they were working from home.

The Solution

Right off the bat, the team was impressed with the UI and UX of the Avionté platform; an immediate upgrade from their previous system. “The workflow just makes sense”, says A. Tovel, Managing Partner at Intellio. In addition to look and feel, what also stood out was the unique characteristic that Avionté listens to its users.

“The fact that Avionté is constantly looking to improve their product and take recommendations from their clients is a smart move.”

With Avionté, the Intellio recruiting team is spending less time searching for candidates and more time building relationships and filling requisitions.

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