$160K Later…Surprising Benefits of Eliminating Manual Paper-Heavy Processes

The staffing and recruiting world is filled with opportunity, competition and truckloads of paper. We’re not kidding about the paper, it’s estimated that Americans use around 250,000 tons of paper each day! Imagine for a moment if your organization cut out paper processes, what would happen? Would you still get by? Would you save truckloads of money?

To answer these important shower thoughts, we asked one of our clients who went to a paperless model and the results were shocking…$160,000 per year in savings shocking.


Impact Employment Solutions is one of the premier staffing and recruiting firms in the Midwest and Southeastern United States that on average onboards 120 people per week. Four recruiters (without an Applicant Tracking System) managed the paper onboarding process, which included performing the following manual paper-heavy tasks:

  • Sorting paper applications
  • Comparing printed resumes
  • Making copies of onboarding documents
  • Scanning, printing and mailing documents

If you add up all of that paper, it’s enough to keep the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company in business for another season. Not only is this process terrible for the environment, it’s painstakingly slow, manual and expensive. Impact estimated that they were spending close to $81 per employee with their traditional manual paper onboarding method.

Something had to be done. Impact was determined to reengineer their paper processes to save money and improve the user experience. With a little help from their friends at Avionté, Impact was able to do the following in six months:

  • Configured electronic resume parsing
  • Required e-signature and digital uploads
  • Made job postings, background checks and skills assessments digital
  • Eliminated all manual time entry and paper invoices
  • Moved to a completely paperless onboarding process

At the end of the year, Impact ended up drastically reducing the onboarding process from $81 per employee to just $16, which contributed to their total savings of $160K per year. Not too shabby.

To put that savings into perspective, here’s a few ideas of what you could spend $160K on:

  1. Open up a Scranton branch
  2. Purchase 128 brand new MacBooks for your staff
  3. Take a 10-day, all-inclusive African safari trip with 16 of your co-workers
  4. Get access to Recruiter Lite from Linkedin Premium for 111 years

You get the idea…there’s a lot your business can do with $160K. If you’d like all the juicy details of this six month journey, check out Impact’s case study or watch the on-demand video detailing the journey.

paperless onboarding webinar

Interested in going paperless? Learn how Avionté can help your business with this handy overview page detailing the ins and outs of our paperless mobile onboarding.

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