6 Top Recruiting Tips for Daily Use

The business of recruiting employees, both temporary and full-time has rarely been this competitive and opportunistic. Between the record low unemployment rate and the exponential growth of the staffing industry (increase by .08% year-over-year), there’s room to flourish but you’ll have to stand out from the 20,000 staffing and recruiting companies currently operating around 39,000 offices in the nation.  

While there’s no exact formula on how to be a good staffing recruiter, there’s a lot of tips and tricks to help stand out from the competition.  

Listed below is a handpicked collection of some of the best recruiting tips gathered from all corners of the industry. Here you’ll find tactics as well as unique strategies used by recruiting veterans and novices alike.  

  1. Chase the Non-Expecting Candidates –There are generally two types of candidates, those who are looking for a new job and those who are not. While the actively looking types are great, the non-looking candidates are your ticket to a larger candidate pool. Roughly 70 percent of American workers don’t feel engaged in their jobs, meaning there’s likely a huge chunk of the workforce who are at least open to a conversation about new opportunities. There’s no harm in reaching out to these individuals, nothing bad rarely comes out of a conversation from one professional to another. 
  1. Use Modern Tools– 76% of staffing clients and candidates think a staffing firm using the most up-to-date technology differentiates them from the competition. Whether it’s video/mobile interviewing, chatbot integration, artificial intelligence, or simply replacing paper processes with digital ones, technology can have a profound positive impact on the candidate experience. At the end of the day, using modern technology may even save you money.  

Discover how one staffing and recruiting firm saved $160K a year by simply eliminating manual paper-heavy processes in this blog.  

  1. Be the recruiter you wish you had– This might seem self-explanatory, but it’s never been more true. Make the candidate experience amazing at every touch point. Be helpful, encouraging and non-pushy. Invest time in developing relationships and frequently ask yourself, “would I find this experience pleasant if I was the candidate? 

If you need some ideas on how to provide the ultimate customer experience, this blog gives you some practical tips.  

  1. Optimize your website– First impressions are important, especially when it comes time to recruiting talent. Your website is often the first interaction a candidate will have with your firm, which is why it’s critical to optimize it as best as you can. Make it effortless for talent to easily find and apply for jobs they’re interested in. If you have some form of website analytics like Google Analytics, test certain elements on your website and see what performs the best.  

This blog is chalked full of conversion rate optimization tips to help give you some immediate ideas. 

  1. Social media is your best friend– 92 percent of recruiters use social media to evaluate and engage talent…why? Because it’s generally effective, especially when you consider that 74 percent of 18 to 34-year-olds say they found their last job via social media. The tough part is getting good at social media.  

If you’re looking for some ideas around the do’s and don’ts of social media, this tip sheet will help. 

  1. Mobile engagement –Candidates expect convenience at every touch point, especially on mobile. When talent is on the go, you’re recruiting efforts should be there to meet them or else you’re rolling the dice on application abandonment. Mobile technology continues to play a bigger role in the recruiting industry, especially with around 70 percent of Americans using a mobile device to find jobs.   

Learning how to be a good recruiter or any staffing professional takes hard work, practice and the ability to try new strategies/ideas. Hopefully this blog post sparks some new recruiting tips to try out in 2019. 

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