2023 State of Staffing Report

2023 State of Staffing

Since 2016, Staffing Hub has released an annual State of Staffing Benchmarking Report to provide meaningful insights into the staffing industry. This year’s report highlights shifting views towards technology among staffing firms, and the important role technology can play in a firm’s continued growth and success.  

Below are a few key highlights from the report. You can view the full report with the link at the bottom of the page. 

High-growth companies adopt technology

Agencies continue to look to digital transformation to improve their operations, and those initiatives are paying off. Respondents from fast-growth companies were 59% more likely to say that technology gives them a competitive advantage than those from slow-growth companies.

The “Great Reshuffle” continues

Higher pay was noted as the top reason for people to look for a new job in 2023. The top place to look for a new job? Referrals and online job boards.

Largest opportunities for growth in 2023

Technology and automation, building relationships with candidates and clients, and expanding into new markets are the top opportunities for 2023.

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