5 Strategies for Building an Effective Recruiting Pipeline for Your Temporary Staffing Firm

A talent pipeline can be your staffing firm’s biggest asset. But you need to know how to fill your pipeline with the right people at varying stages of their search if you want to prevent backups and gaps.

What best practices can help keep your pipeline full and your revenue steady? Here are a few tried and true ideas.

  1. Keep up with the market. Know what kinds of jobs are likely to become available so you know what kind of people to recruit. You don’t want to be caught in the cold when demand increases. Devote at least part of your day studying local media and industry publications. Set up Google alerts so you’ll never miss an important development.
  2. Build up your network. Reach out in person and online to broaden your reach. Attend events that are likely to be attended by professionals you’re targeting, but make networking part of your everyday activities. Let your extrovert flag fly and introduce yourself at the grocery store or coffee shop. Business cards are not as heavily used as they once were, but carry a handful for occasions like these. It lends an air of professionalism so that the contact is not unwelcome. They can check your firm out online when they are ready.
  3. Ask for referrals. This may be the most old-school way to meet people, but there is a reason it’s never gone out of fashion. Whenever you make a placement, build on that success by immediately asking if they know anyone else you can help. For the employers in your network, ask if they have interviewed any candidates who were great, but were not well-suited for their company.
  4. Stay in touch. Don’t neglect the relationships you’ve developed. If you’ve made the effort to build a network of placeable candidates, don’t drop the ball and let another recruiter who happens to be at the right place at the right time end up placing them in a job. Make regular contact to learn where they are in their search and to show what you should be their first resource for all things career-oriented.
  5. Leverage social media. Candidates are often heavy users of social media. The secret is to grab their attention before they are even actively job seeking. Share your insights on blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Top talent wants to associate themselves with the best firms. Show yourself to be a thought leader and an expert to gain their trust.

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