How to Find the Right Applicant Tracking Software for Your Temporary Staffing Firm

For staffing firms, there are few things as critical as the right Applicant Tracking Software to keep your business on target. The volume of candidates you encounter is exponentially larger than typical companies and you likely have a broader range of candidates. The ability to compile and analyze data is essential to serving your candidates and your clients well.

Here are a few tips for finding the right ATS for your firm.

Consider ease of use. People are busy. Whether you’re trying to get your internal team to adopt new software or providing a system to streamline applicant/employee data collection, a steep learning curve can be a deal breaker. Choose a system that is easy to set up, intuitive to use and simple to troubleshoot.

Focus on candidate experience. Two of the scariest words in the staffing world are “abandon rate.” If your online application is a pain to use, candidates will just move on. Complicated applications are bad for everyone – entry-level applicants may get confused, currently employed people are too busy, and recruiters must manage the deluge of often unnecessary information.

Look for quality reporting. Data collection is meaningless if you can’t put it to use. The most effective applicant tracking systems will make it simple for you to sort and search information. Ideally, you can customize the reports to suit your own specific business needs.

Ease of integration. ATS is not likely to be the only software system you use. If you cannot easily integrate it into your existing systems or any you may add in the future, will you be on your own for integrating your systems or will the vendor troubleshoot it at the time of implementation?

Ask about customer support. The best ATS system on the market is only as good as their technical support. Consider what is the most important to you, 24/7 availability or highly qualified technicians who work only 9-5? Do they have levels of support for escalating difficult requests? Ask the vendors under consideration to provide customer satisfaction ratings or references.

About Avionté:

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