Four Signs of an Applicant Tracking Vendor Who Has Great Customer Service

When you look for ATS software to streamline your staffing business, you’ll find plenty of choices. Many of them will seem pretty similar and it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. One factor that can really set an applicant tracking vendor apart is the quality of service they provide. Here is what to look for.

Partnership Focus

Avoid vendors that seem to have a “one-and-done” attitude. You won’t get good service from a vendor that is anxious to make the sale and move on to the next one. Instead, choose the software provider willing to take the time to walk you through every step. Ask them if they have a plan for continued contact and service after the software has been installed and deployed.


What training will the vendor supply? Will there be phased training throughout implementation, geared to be understandable to everyone in your company? Ongoing trainings after installation are essential so that users can continue to build their proficiency and adapt to any upgrades or new releases that may change or improve the features of the software.


Will you have direct access to a team who can answer your questions any time? Will you be able to get to a live person without going through an endless phone tree with a multiple choice menu? Can you talk to the boss? Most quality software vendors have well-trained, attentive front line people who can anticipate your questions and concerns and respond to them quickly. But sometimes you just feel the need to get the executive team involved. Will you get the runaround or will it be a simple request to comply with?


Look for an ATS provider willing to look at what you are currently doing and adapt their solution to match your needs. What if you’re just not happy? Do you have to sign a long-term contract? Your staffing software provider should earn your business, each and every month. How will you transition to another vendor if this one doesn’t work for you?

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