Building a Data-Driven Recruiting Firm: 5 Ways to Leverage It

Many staffing firms underestimate the power of data, but by compiling and analyzing the full extent of the data available to them, organizations can slash waste and redundancy, boost profitability and poise themselves for a future that includes growth and efficiency.

Here are a few ways smart businesses can leverage data.

Manage your candidate pipeline. Stay aware of who is in your database, when they are available and the full extent of their experience and skill set. You’ll know immediately whether you have the right candidate for the client immediately accessible or if you will need to custom recruit.

Hire faster. The data available through your ATS provides easy-to-sort candidate information at your fingertips. You’ll be able to respond quickly and accurately to client requests. Automation and data analysis speed the administrative aspects of recruiting, freeing you to spend more time on the human side.

Re-activate candidates. Re-recruit your top former employees. Whether you’ve lost touch or wonder if they are ready to make a move, accurate data can open this market to you. It’s nearly impossible to do this manually, but an ATS or CRM enables you to access candidate data quickly – even if you’ve lost contact for years.

Screen faster. In-person interviews are great, but chances are you don’t have time to sit down with every person who applies. Your ATS can help you to narrow the field by providing data on those candidates worth a second look.

Quickly look up specialized talent. Is your client looking for a candidate with a tough-to-find skill set? There’s nothing more frustrating than knowing you talked to a candidate who fit the bill, but not being able to remember their name. With the right data process, you can quickly look them up, in multiple ways.

About Avionté:

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