Avionté 2018 Highlights

It’s been a busy, but highly successful year for the Avionté team. Between the acquisition of COMPAS Technology and working hard in the community, there’s a lot to report on!  

While it would take a lengthy blog series to capture everything that went on, this “highlight reel” focuses on the big moments of each department.  

Table of contents:  

  • Expansion and Growth 
  • Community Outreach 
  • Taking Clients Live 
  • Training and Servicing Clients 
  • CONNECT Staffing Industry Event 
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Product Enhancements and Releases 
  • Multi-Segment Sales Team

Expansion and Growth: Avionté has always been devoted to empowering its clients with the tools to effectively engage the right people with the right jobs. In support of this mission, Paperless Mobile Onboarding with AdobeSign was released, which provides an efficient way for clients to apply and onboard candidates from anywhere on any device. Another major part of this effort included providing enhanced integrations with E-Verify, Essential Staff Care, and The Work Number to all clients.  

Perhaps one of the most notable highlights in 2018 was the strategic acquisition of COMPAS Technology and the subsequent merging of the two technologies to develop the staffing and recruiting industry’s first true multi-verticalend-to-end solution. This new solution fuses the front office technology of COMPAS with the robust back office capabilities of Avionté to create a true, all-in-one staffing software designed for clerical, light industrial, IT and professional staffing segments.  

Avionté ended the year with: 

  • 900+ total customers 
  • 25,000 + users 
  • 8.9 Billion in payroll processed annually 
  • 1.7 million employees put to work annually 

Community Outreach – The Avionté Hope Foundation (AHF) was busy in 2018 with a variety of monthly drives, considerable volunteer hours, thousands of dollars in donations and several noteworthy accomplishments. Some of the highlights included a shoe drive, chili cook-off fundraiser and several meal packaging events.  

See what else the AHF was up to in 2018 with this recap blog. 

Taking Client’s Live – Offering a robust end-to-end staffing and recruiting software solution requires a talented and dedicated implementation team to bring clients live. With hard work and persistence, the implementation team successfully completed 184 implementations in 2018 alone, which included Avionté and COMPAS customers.  

Every new implementation brings new insights to the team. Check out this blog about what clients taught the team after 500 staffing software implementations 

Training and Servicing Clients – The top-tier support team at Avionté had a big and busy 2018. With over 900 customers to keep satisfied, the team worked diligently throughout the year, hiring new staff to help continue providing industry-leading support. At the end of the year, the support team contributed greatly to Avionté’s 98 percent client retention rate. 

The training team flew over 100,000 miles to deliver in-person training to clients. Additionally, the team launched new interactive training courses to provide more resources for clients to succeed. Both the support and training teams are 100 percent committed to the success of every client.  

CONNECT Staffing Industry Event – In AugustAvionté hosted its ninth annual CONNECT user conference in Saint Paul, Minnesota. More than 400 Avionté clients, partners and industry friends attended CONNECT, making it one of the largest staffing and recruiting events in the nation. Some of the highlights included client workshops, keynote speeches, networking, CE credit classes, Q/A sessions, evening events and much more!  

For a full recap of the CONNECT event, check out this blog post 

Strategic Partnerships – Avionté’s Strategic Alliances team announced an integration and partnership with The Work Number from Equifax as a no cost, automated verification solution for all Avionté payroll clients.  

By reducing the level of employer involvement and providing a secure and accelerated decision process, Avionté clients will be able to streamline the verification process. At the end of 2018, 74 clients were live with this integration. 

Additionally, Avionté announced a partnership with Green Dot’s SimplyPaid. With SimplyPaidAvionté’s nearly 900 customers will have the ability to allow workers to not only choose when and how often they would like to be paid, but also how they would like to be paid.  

Product Enhancements and Releases: Each month in 2018 saw new product releases and enhancements but by far the biggest product related enhancement was developing the new Avionté end-to-end solution. After the COMPAS acquisition, Avionté is combining the easy-to-use and powerful front office software of COMPAS with the reliable and innovative back office solution of Avionté to create a powerful, fully integrated frontandback office staffing solution. 

Here’s a few highlights of the new solution:  

  • One of the easiest to use applicant tracking system for staffing and recruiting agencies  
  • One solution for clerical, light industrial, IT and professional staffing segments 
  • Clean and modern user experience 
  • Single system reporting 
  • Fully-SaaS frontend with robust CRM capabilities 
  • Fully integrated front and back office

Multi-Segment Sales Team  Sales had an amazing year welcoming 180 new customers into the Avionté family. To keep up with the steady influx of new clients and the new business segment (IT and Professional), the sales team hired two new staff members and successfully merged two sales team (COMPAS + Avionté).  

The new, combined Sales team is excited to help clients solve their biggest challenges in 2019 and beyond.  

Everything Avionté has accomplished and achieved in 2018 has set them up for an exciting 2019. Stay tuned for more! 

Avionté is a leader in enterprise staffing and recruiting software solutions, offering innovative end-to-end technology solutions to over 900 customers and 25,000 users throughout the U.S. and Canada. Avionté delivers a robust platform for clerical, light industrial, IT and professional staffing firms to maximize profits and boost productivity.

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