Avionté “In The Know”: Product Updates, July

Avionté’s In the Know update is issued each month to ensure timely and consistent communication between Avionté and our users. In the Know includes product updates, future plans, new partnerships, and compliance insights!

Enhancements: Become a Part of the Process

Avionté Staffing Software is excited to launch our Product Enhancement Portal. The portal allows you to not only submit new ideas but also allows you to read ideas that have been submitted by others, and vote for the ones you like.

The portal will link tickets from Zendesk that are determined to be enhancements right from the portal. It will then automatically link you to ideas you submit so that you can watch it throughout the product lifecycle. It also allows you to follow other submitted ideas, so that you get updated as we comment on it, add it to a release or merge it with other ideas!

We are so excited to kick off this new process with you. Right now, many of the Zendesk tickets that have been submitted are moving over to the new portal, so you may already start to see the process in action. We will talk more about the Product Enhancement Portal and the new Product Management process at Client Connection!

Compliance Corner: Minimum Wage

The Federal minimum wage was established over 70 years ago back in 1938 by Franklin D. Roosevelt. Any guesses on what the minimum wage was at that time? Just 25 cents an hour! If you adjust that inflation, it would be worth about $4.15 today.

With a current federal minimum wage of $7.25, a lot has changed in the last 78 years and there is a continued push to increase wages. One movement that is getting attention is raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. 

The Looking Glass: The Inside Scoop on Development

Avionte continues to grow and elevate our products to the next level. We are excited that we have such great partners to help guide our growth and help us ensure we are headed in the right direction. Over the next few months, we will be more transparent than ever. We will be releasing our product roadmap next month that will not only highlight things that are released or being worked on, but what is on the horizon as well as what direction we are heading!

There are so many great things that Avionté’s product and development teams are working on and we are going to be pushing the boundaries to bring you the best-in-class features and functionality to go along with our top notch customer service. As we move forward we will be communicating even more, so stay tuned. We will also be introducing an ideas forum allowing you to help us shape the future! Together we will build staffing software, the way it should be!

Partnerships: Reference Checks

Avionté is dedicated to partnerships that help ensure you have access to all the tools you need to run your business your way, leveraging Avionté partnerships. Our newest partnership is with aRefChex.

aRefChex is an automated employment verification and reference checking system that’s now seamless and integrated within Avionté’s recruiting and staffing software platform. It quickly and accurately verifies a candidate’s work history, resume details and provides essential job performance feedback… anything and everything!

The aRefChex Dashboard, built into Avionté, provides Managers, Recruiters, Sourcers and Salespeople instant access to monitor and control all aspects of the reference checking process.

Stay tuned for more information about aRefChex and other partnerships we are forming to ensure we continue to make your daily business run seamlessly through the Avionté platform.

If you have any immediate questions about the Development Roadmap, please feel free to reach out to the Avionté Product Team at ideas@avionte.com.

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