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With our April product release of Talent Tasks and Talent Module Profile updating, you now have the full Paperless Mobile Onboarding solution – fully paperless and fully mobile! Onboarding is just one part of our end-to-end staffing solution and brings you a new level of efficiency to onboard talent all the way from applicant to revenue-generating employee. 

Our Paperless Mobile Onboarding solution provides a simple, easy way to engage, onboard and communicate with talent. With the ability to request the completion of E-Signature Documents powered by Adobe Sign, Assessments via IBM® Kenexa® Assess on Cloud, Personal Information, Direct Deposit, Criminal History and more, our solution allows you to capture candidate information at a time that maximizes your onboarding workflow.

By utilizing our Application Workflows, you can create various applications to capture the information you need from talent up front, and then use our new Talent Tasks to collect the additional information you need at the right time in your process. This allows you to make strong hiring decisions. This also gives you a way to minimize applicant drop off because you are able to create a simple, quick-apply process and then follow up with talent for additional information. A simple, concise application is crucial, as 55% of job seekers say a long and complex application process contributes to a negative candidate experience.

Additionally, the self-serve Talent Module Profile provides an enhanced, seamless talent experience. By logging into the Talent Module, talent will see a simple to-do list of the Talent Tasks they need to complete and you can grant them the ability to update their profile information, including Resume, Direct Deposit, Education and more. This provides a one-stop shop for talent, and ensures you have the most up-to-date information without taking time away from your recruiting team. This seamless avenue of communication between your talent and recruiters is all available utilizing our Paperless Mobile Onboarding solution.


Avionté: The Past, Present and Future

As we move onto the next stages of our Paperless Mobile Onboarding solution, we are excited for an enhanced integration of E-Verify and Essential StaffCARE (ESC) on the Aero Platform!


2018 So Far
New Paid Sick Leave
Washington: The state of Washington’s paid sick leave law went into effect on January 1st, requiring that employees accrue paid sick leave at a rate of 1 hour for every 40 hours worked. Employees can start using their accrued sick leave beginning on the 90th day of employment and if they have unused sick leave of 40 hours or less, it must be carried over to the next year.


We are in the midst of conducting new research to gather feedback so we can improve your experience! We would love for you to join us and be a part of the UX Research Group.

Participation will include activities such as:

  • Simple surveys
  • Questionnaires
  • Interactive feedback sessions

Our passion is to deliver impactful staffing software that is valuable, efficient and dependable. To accomplish this, we will depend upon continual research, design and usability testing by interacting with our users. 


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