Avionté RAW: Real Analytics Weekly – Week 30

Week 30 showed the same consistent growth that we have seen since the end of April

Week 30 showed the same consistent growth that we have seen since the end of April (week 17), particularly with the number of assignments.  All of the major metrics were positive for the week.

Here’s the quick snapshot of the metrics:

staffing stats

I found it interesting that hours didn’t follow the trend of assignments or even gross/billing by growing “only” .5% vs gross payroll of 2.8%.  This did increase our mean payrate back up to $16.57 after a dip last week.  In my opinion, the average payrate has held remarkably steady for the last several months.

I was also excited to see all major metrics are now less than 10% off from the beginning of the year.


We are tracking distinct users as a proxy to see how staffing firms are responding as it pertains to internal staff.  Week 30 did decrease by -1.2%.  We do have early visibility into Week 31, which was flat at .1%.

Users YTD% Change

New Employees Added

New this week, we are adding New Employees.  There are many ways in which to track applicants – but for this one, I chose the straight “date entered” metric.  Every time a new employee is added – by any means (manual or online application), the system automatically inserts a date entered value.  The below graph tracks week by week, the number of new employees per week.    While the graph shows continuous growth from the low after the pandemic – I think it is interesting – and confirmed by other industry people – that bringing in new talent was difficult even before the economy was shut down.

New Employees Added-Week 30

Staffing Data Results 

Hours YTD % change

Assignments YTD % Change


Hours YTD % change


Year over Year comparison: 2018-2020 Staffing Hours

Year over Year Comparison _week 30

For those new to the Avionté RAW series, the numbers reflected are based on an aggregation of hosted Avionté data from hundreds of customers across the US and Canada.

Written by, John Long, Avionté, Founder & Co-Chairman, and Natalie Flint

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