Avionté RAW: Real Analytics Weekly – Week 36

Week 36 was a moderate week for the staffing industry.

While the Assignments number below is up 2.7%, I believe the market is softening.

Specifically, key in on Hours coming in at -.4%.  While that isn’t a disaster for staffing recovery, it is the FIRST time we have posted a negative number in a full, non-holiday week since April. This is also on the heels of last week’s .9% growth.

Another area to look at is the 4-week cumulative average for all major indices.  Week 36 is at the lowest growth rate since the staffing recovery began – again, taking out holiday weeks.

I was encouraged to see User growth continue to increase. That brings our 4-week average to the highest level since June.

Here are the numbers:

Staffing Metrics Week 36

Week 37 will be affected by Labor Day, so I’m eager to see what week 38 will bring us.  My hope is that once school has started, we can start driving back toward economic growth.

Staffing Data Results 

Staffing Data Results Week 36

We’ve added New Talent to the mix.
New Talent is simply defined as new talent records entered that week.  It’s a good proxy for new individuals looking for work.

New Talent Week 36

Year over Year comparison: 2018-2020 Staffing Hours and Assignments

Take a look at the 3-year Hours graph below.  For the first time since COVID-19 hit – and arguably for the last 3 years – we have Hours greater than the previous year.  If we can get one stat to continue to rise – this would be the one!

For those new to the Avionté RAW series, the numbers reflected are based on an aggregation of hosted Avionté data from hundreds of customers across the US and Canada.

Written by, John Long, Avionté, Founder & Co-Chairman, and Natalie Flint

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