Avionté RAW: Real Analytics Weekly – Week 39

Week 39 showed we’re not only “recovering;” we’re growing.

Week 39 of Avionté RAW continued its steady growth with a nice 1.8% gain in hours and a strong 4.3% increase in Total Billing. The major indices (assignments, hours, gross) are all over 6.0% for the last 4 weeks. This clearly displays a nice growth trajectory. The numbers indicate that we should stop using the term “recovery” when referring to trajectory, because we are now substantially above pre-COVID levels in most metrics! This is extremely encouraging, and we hope the trend will continue as we propel into winter and the holiday season.

Here are the numbers:

New Talent Results

New Talent is simply defined as new talent records entered that week.  It’s a good proxy for new individuals looking for work.

This week we see a slight dip in the New Talent metric. For me, this decrease is a bit worrisome. I was hoping to see growth in the number of new applicants, reflecting questions on additional stimulus, school in full swing, and summer winding down. However, talent behavior can be impacted by numerous factors, so the reason for the dip is difficult to predict. However, assignments and hours maintaining their growth trajectory helps offset this worry.


Staffing Data Results 


Year over Year comparison: 2018-2020 Staffing Hours and Assignments

For those new to the Avionté RAW series, the numbers reflected are based on an aggregation of hosted Avionté data from hundreds of customers across the US and Canada.

Written by, John Long, Avionté, Founder & Co-Chairman, and Natalie Flint

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