1 Star to 5: Why Your Staffing Firm’s Online Reputation Matters

Increasingly, consumers rely on the internet to research companies before deciding to do business with them. Job seekers and employers are no different. Staffing firms must take control of their online reputation if they are to be successful.

Build an engaging web presence

Update your website to reflect your company identity. If you don’t establish your brand reputation yourself, you can lose control over how people perceive your organization. Use imagery that reflects the industry niche you work in and a consistent copy tone that matches. Put a personal touch on your brand with team bios or a community involvement page.

Leverage social media

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offer an effective method of establishing a rapport with employers and job seekers. Share events, job-postings or pictures of your office to further cement your identity. Engage with people directly who comment on your page. If they are unhappy, take the conversation offline to discuss the issue further.

Set up Google alerts

Keep track of your online reputation by setting up alerts to be notified via email whenever your company name is mentioned online. This instant feedback allows you to respond quickly to any negative reports on your business.

Monitor online review sites

Monitor review sites regularly. The quicker you address any issues, the better your chance of handling a minor problem before it becomes major. Managing your online reputation is a critical component of ensuring your future business success.

Increase positive feedback

You may not be able to remove negative reviews, but you can increase the number of positive reviews. The more positive input there is online, the less impact negative reviews will have on your overall rating. If you get a compliment from a client or candidate, ask them to post a review of your services online.

Consider reputation management

Consider hiring a reputation management company to monitor your reputation for you, so that you can focus on core tasks. Reputation management companies can investigate any online negativity and create solutions to address it.

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