Happy Customer Service Week, From Avionté!

Customer Service Week is celebrated by thousands of companies on the first full week of October each year to recognize people who work with and service customers on a daily basis.

We knew wanted to use this week to show our employees how much we appreciate the great service they provide to our customers each and every day. But as the days went on, the week quickly grew to be much more than some simple gestures to show appreciation to employees.

Our Customer Experience Team went above and beyond to celebrate, handing out gifts to all Avionté employees, throughout the week – which included cupcakes, drinks, chips, and sweet “thank you” messages. Wow. What a team we have here!

Customer Service Week at Avionte 2015This morning Avionté held a “Brunch of Appreciation” for all employees, bringing in bagels, yogurt cups, orange and assorted juices, and more. Employees gathered in the lunch room to enjoy the food together. And to cap off the week, when 3:00 hit, the Customer Experience Team went around the office handing out beer to our employees as part of the Beer Fridays we have here at the office.

“Everyone here at Avionté plays an important part in servicing our valued clients,” said Avionté’s Director of Customer Experience Brigid Isenmann. “What you do makes a difference. Our customers appreciate you. WE appreciate you.”

At Avionté, we pride ourselves on offering a fun and rewarding work environment, while providing a great partnership and the best service possible to our staffing software clients. Did your office do anything special to celebrate Customer Service Week? We want to hear about it!

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